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One Tribe One People

            FOR ONE Tribe= One People= all Originals= Zero- Point= where the Love field is >>> where all is possible for the greatest good for ALL. For together we the...

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The Seal… No deal

          This simple explanation on this article apply for those that are learning about this pressing issue. The more knowing and knowing, the better for everyone. – ~ = We...

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Family Values: honor

                “Fascinating how president Putin honor big families with their beautiful children! This is heart warming, and a lesson for many of us for learning…” <love< heart>

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Intel Report

          INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “More Intel” 6/8/17

Subject: “More Intel” 6/8/17 1. 63 million people worldwide in the last 6 months have stepped down as the cabal...

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About the Swastika

                    SWASTIKA is a Sanskrit word which means GOODWILL Below is short history about the Swastika  from the people: uneel Reddy: Aryans is not a...