The Misconception for Adolf Hitler: Facts do not Lie







The Misconception for Adolf Hitler: Facts do not Lie

>>>and we quote: “When I am gone my spirit will be with you for ever.” Adolf Hitler.

Many people in America, if not the entire world are being until now mislead about the REAL FACTS about a man that according with our research in history, we have no doubt that this man was with extraordinary courage: had a big heart: and was passionate for what he believes being the right moral values for pursuing the betterment for his people and the entire humanity. And we have no doubt that a man with such passion doing what it is right will ultimately be not only destroy, but his entire work would go into history mixed with lies, tyranny, terrorism, fascism, racism, capitalism, anti-Semitism, hierarchism, dictator, rapist, Darwinism, and war criminal for naming a few.

ONLY the Bolsheviks Jews from Russia, and that had spread out all over Europe: aka Zionists Rabbinic Talmud worshippers that found out “What Hitler’s found out” and that is “who is God, or who are Gods”, needed by all means possible hide the true facts by means of propagandas of high proportional lies ever since 1945 till these days. They knew that their survival: continued tyranny depended on hiding the real facts or they would be dead just as the 66 million Christians Russians killed by top demon named Stalin. This does not include the ones killed in neighboring nations he invaded.

These cowards knew that Hitler won the war, so now what? Answer: now the British with their Jewish fat ugly bastard named Churchill, Russian demon Stalin, and evil cripple Roosevelt from the United States had a bigger plan: invade Germany just like they have done with Libya, Iraq, and many other nations.

As American we are more than embarrassed that we got involved in this war with Germany where millions of people died, and hundreds of thousands American soldiers killed: left to die in Germany’s refugee camps without dirty cocksucker Roosevelt doing a thing about it. Worse it was when the Japanese blow up a ship with three hundred thousand American soldiers in it.

Oh, and why don’t we hear of the Japanese blowing some facilities in California? Where that history went? And how about One thousand five hundred Japanese that were left in camps dying from starvation! And how about the million Dakota Indians that were kill: their women raped, children kidnaped during the WW2 under the administration of Roosevelt!?

We do not hear much about that, right? The tyrannical whores would hide the truth.

How could we the people fallen for these unimaginable propagandas. These high intellectual’s criminals not only hid the true facts about the German people and their Hero Adolf Hitler, but they got hold eventually of all institutional teachings: schools: colleges worldwide and change text books: re writing them: all to suit them accordingly for their agenda. We think you get the idea of what we are saying here. More than a million websites: Goggle, inclusive of Webster Dictionary, Encyclopedia Britannica, History channel, WikiLeaks, Holocaust propagandas, Kick ass facts, Wikipedia, NPR, BBC (all media), YouTube videos, and Holocaust Encyclopedia, etc., etc., are filed with lie(s) and truth, leaving the readers confuse, as these are their intentions. And if these are not beyond comprehension, in 1945, the New York times, and Time Magazine named Russians Stalin as the man of the year, knowing that this top criminal have killed more than one hundred million people!


Courageous Hitler knew that the secret for success in any nation was the unification of the people: coming together for one purpose alone: their well being and security for their daily needs, and the future for their families: their children. He as well praised women for their roles in the family and the generations to come. He made sure that women were taking care of during and after pregnancy, and that all their daily needs were met. He also made sure that the youth were educated: developed their passion whether it was art, music, science, etc. Hitler believes in National Socialism, where people govern themselves, where freedom and liberty are the people greatest gift from their creator long as they keep it, protect it, and fight for it. Watch: = speech praising women.

He made clear for his people that Marxist Socialism was NOT the same as National Socialism. He knew that the enemy were the Jews that control the big banks in Europe: he also knew that the Communist Revolution was destroying all races worldwide just as Stalin was doing in Russia to his own people.

He knew where the power was, and within a period of 5- 10 years, Adolf Hitler turned his Germany for one of the most prosperous nation in the world, inclusive, he built his most revolutionary pride: The German Volkswagen, made exclusively for the German people for they could transport easily doing their chores, and going from home to work. He literally gave it to the people for pennies.

Hitler said to his people, “You are the power that be. You do not take order from the State, you tell the State what to do!” Obviously then, the German people were being destroy by the European Jews that took away the freedom from the people: Berlin alone in those days was the Babylonian capital of the world. Prostitution, and sexual immorality was at all time high, just as it is in the United States in this year of 2017.

Hitler was heart broken with “some German Orthodox Jews” that betrayed their German country for the Zionists Jews. He called them traitors. He made that very clear for them, this statement was not a statement for racism, as he was a man that protected all races: humanity from the evil Zionist Jews that call themselves Jews and are NOT. He calls them Zionists propagandists machines: whores of wars: warmongers, and tyrants.

Hitler thrived for peace with his enemies, like England, France, Russia, and even the United States that had no business getting involved in such war, inclusive with Poland that surprisingly bombed Germany unexpectedly! Even after that, Hitler begged for peace before let them have it for their assault! Watch: = Peace Speech.

During the war, and as asked by “certain Jews” that were living in Germany, Hitler signed an executive order where any Jew that wish leaving Germany, and specifically for the new bough Palestinian land in the Middle East (what it is call now Israel), they may do so: and if any funds were in any German Bank that belong to: for each, that money would be giving for each without prejudice. Many Jews left Germany, and many were the ones that were loyal to their German country, and for their hero Adolf Hitler. Inclusive Adolf Hitler’s own personal driver was a Jew, same as many of his staff. These people were not only Jews: they were German people!

Adolf Hitler never send killing any particular race no matter what their cult was in his country or else where. Hitler was at war with the Zionists Jews: whores of wars as he calls them. He also defended his race as any other race would do if someone as the Zionists Jews that for a fact were behind for destroying the White race. We still do not comprehend why would anyone want destroyed: extinguished a race! This is beyond insanity, and violation for universal law!

It is for our creator that all races share the kingdom (the earth) equally. For Hitler knew this. However, when come for reproduction of the races, he believed each race should do with their own kin for their own preservation and beauty. For him this was as preserving the beauty for nature. Hitler is not the first one bringing about this profound issue. History tells us this is how nature was intended the races BE’ing. However, this did not manifest as such and now pretty much we are all mixing with all races, and we do not think this is going BE stop any time soon.

It would have been “fantastic” if all races would had been kept as original as intended, – = yet sharing our magnificent kingdom in harmony. Regardless, it is everyone responsibility for maintaining, and sharing our earth kingdom with harmony among us and with all creatures.

Soldiers from all over the world wanted joining Hitler’s fight: war, as they though he was the most passionate man alive. Soldiers from India, Egypt, and other Arabs nations flew for joining his cause. Hitler was their hero.

The German women loved him dearest, and children dreamed if even they could touch his hands, or his uniform… Watch the Hitler we loved and why?:

Hitler swore that he would die before be subjugated to the Jewry: humiliation of Zionists Jews.

He did.

Is it not ironic that the truth facts are all ashore: The King have no clothes!

Watch: = National Socialism Speech = almost 6 hours showing the entire legacy of Hitler. = Hitler last speech.

Also watch: = about the Bolshevism Jews. = Bolshevism in Russia =about the Swastika = about the royals fraud = about Hitler

A message for Angela Merkel from Germany:

We hear that you are Adolf Hitler’s daughter. We do not have any records about this being fact. However, lets say that this is true that you are Adolf Hitler’s daughter. In this case your fat ass has some explaining to do for the German people and the world; 1) Your father was not what we see you on stage reciting for the entire world, whether is at the useless and former United Nation podium or at the G7 meetings, etc., claiming Adolf Hitler killed six million Jews. We believe you should set the records straight for what they are, and start burning all books ever written by the propagandists’ machines of the Jewishscons. The ones that your father despised for their crimes committed against humanity; 2) whether or NOT you are Hitler’s daughter you are a traitor for the German people. Wake the hell up and start being a leader instead of a puppet whore. OR let the German people do whatever they wish with you.

Nazi: noun: plural: Nazis. Nazi= Nati= National: Native.


Nazi= a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Nazi= German abbreviation representing the pronunciation of Nati- Nationalsozialist “national socialist.”

We believe that the spirit of Hitler is indeed with us all, as he so profoundly assured us he would be with us after his departure from physical earth.

We believe the entire world: humanity have some learning to do from the most courageous man in the history of human kind.

The man we most admire for his passion, love for uniting the people working together against evil deserve our highest honor, respect, and admiration.

We love you Adolf Hitler, and if we ever though you wrong, please forgive us.

“Heil Adolf Hitler!”











Video: the Hitler we loved and why?

Hitler speech on women

The legacy of Hitler: a must watch

~ the people with love and gratitude for all


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