A Golden Lesson from an Old Man

F8EFDB38-5EF2-453A-8C1A-BFD3353A1094A woman arrived in a store wearing clothes that showed her body all too well.

The shop owner, being a wise older man, took a good look at her, asked her to sit down, looked straight into her eyes, and said something she would never forget for the rest of her life.

“Young Lady, everything that God has made valuable in this world, is covered up and hard to see or find.”

For example:

Where can you find diamonds?

  • In the ground, covered and protected.

Where are the pearls?

  • Deep in the ocean, covered and protected in a beautiful shell.

Where can you find gold?

  • Underground, covered with layers of rock, and to get there you have to work very hard and dig deep.

He looked at her again and said, “Your body is sacred and unique to God.”

You are far more precious than gold, diamonds, and pearls, therefore you must be covered too.

He then added: “If you keep your precious minerals like gold, diamonds, and pearls deeply covered, a “reputable mining organization” with the necessary machines, will work for years to mine those precious goods.

First, they will contact your government (family),

Second, sign professional contracts (marriage),

Third, they will professionally extract those goods, and tenderly refine those precious goods. (marital life).


if you let your minerals find themselves on top of the Earth’s surface (exposed to everyone), you will always attract many illegal miners to come, exploit, illegally, and freely take those riches and leave you without the precious goods God gave you!


Remember! Class is more desirable.

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