Monthly Archive: October 2013

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Through the Looking Glass

You lead two lives or more. You play this role or that. You play out many scenes, and you switch. You are a many-splendored thing. All of the roles you play in the world...

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Thought of You

  I was going to write more than a few lines for this video, but then I could not think of anything except to watch it endlessly. Enjoy!  

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Declaration of I AM

  To everyone, this declaration of I AM is of tremendous power, of immense energy charged within every word of the entire document, but this part in particular is worth memorizing it so you can...

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Will and Word Declaration of i

      The Will and The Word of I   Published by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on October 7, 2013 IN LOVE, GRATITUDE AND PEACE Perception is such a beautiful tool! Expansion of perception...