Monthly Archive: November 2023


Relationships: Balance

Relationships: Balance. Family. Children. Spouse. Grandparents. Siblings. Honor. Respect. Responsibility. Accountability. Bravery. Courage. Protection. Discernment. Healing. Health. Prosperity. Spiritual Values. Spiritual Growth. Knowledge. Truth. Evolution. Creator. Co-Creators. Creation. Unity. Heart. Supreme. Eternal. Eternity. ONE....


Thanksgiving Day 2023

And for the record, and the sake of our history, one of the founder of our country, George Washington, was the first writing The Declaration of Thanksgiving Day, a few years later after winning...


Honoring Our Parents

Honoring our parents is very important. Not honoring our parents is not negotiable. We know that there are issues among families but regardless the consequences, remember who gave you your life. Let not love...