Be Done: Be Gone

We always wanted showing this video from a long time. Anyways, there you have it today to show some people that are still in doubt about what has been taking place in this country since 2016 and ongoing. Keep also in mind that this has been worldwide. Here we can see that money, title, fame, and or prestige, did not help these people from the rope.

Keep also in mind that there it would be any longer no Republican and or Democratic party. Politics is over far as we are concerns. What you see in Washington are actors, good actors; Maybe volunteers actors? Think for a minute all the politicians from DC, from the entire country- all Deep State. Deep State means, high class criminals.- all gone from all alleged government agencies inclusive the alleged supreme court. And do not let us get started on Hollywood actors, singers, musicians..+ and sports; any kind of sports- gone. Most of them were ferocious demons. Oops, and we forgot mentioning clergies- many. Ongoing. And they too have been replaced with actors.

Further, keep in mind that many of these people family, if not all family members have been as well, executed. They were all part and parcel of the same tree.

Be glad this happened because by now we all would had been gone along with the planet. And by the way, there are some shills around cheering for the enemy. These are ugly shills full of lies mixed with truth; they are snakes that think the American people are stupid enough. Please stay away from these paid for hire whores. They are the enemy disguising as goody doers.

Every dog has its day. Be done. Be gone.

Remember, we are entering a brand New Earth thus be certain that we are not taking any garbage with us.

For now, keep on praying. The future is already here full of great surprises and much joy!

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