In Case you did not Know: American History

In the beginning of year 2020, it was when the Corona Virus became known in the United States. The American people were very confuse then; They were not clear enough of what exactly was going on concerning the suppose virus, as stories telling were flooding from all directions.

Regardless, things were getting heat up with a suppose outbreak from the virus. And in March 2020, public schools and businesses started to shutdowns in order to prevent the spread of the virus inclusive the shut downs of air travel; social distances, and stay at home order, etc., etc. The year 2020 was the most insane year in the American history inclusive it was the year when the planets Saturn and Jupiter conjunct on December 21 after almost four hundred years. This Event was called, The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in year 2020.

It was a year for all those that could digest what really was taking place in the United States, with sadness, and deep compassion. Many of us have still not recuperated from the pain that the year 2020 left within our hearts. Deep down we knew the causes for the pain, and there it was nothing that we could do on a deeper level, do the fact that the American people were obedience to the cause. How can anyone lead an old horse to a new trick? Never. We are not saying this in an offensive way. What we are saying is that everything came upon the American people so fast, there it was no time to think; to reflect deeply, and following orders was the only way out regardless the consequences of putting our lives at risk by taking vaccines, etc., etc. Not a good way for us all learning a lesson that on the long run, regardless the consequences, it woke many of us to a deeper level of awareness.

Enough for now on this topic.

Not many are going to believe the facts of what was really taking place within our country, Or for that matter all across the world. As many are aware of, the country of the United States was for a fact, a humongous corporation where their people had no say, or no rights whatsoever, matters not how hard you wouldn’t accept this. This has been the greatest deception since the last two hundred years+. Meaning, the American people minds got stuck on the illusion that they were still living the dream of living a life of freedom since 1781.

But before we continues, let us make clear that the original organic government of the United States was composed of Alexandria in Virginia,+ Georgetown in Maryland through a land size that covered one hundred square miles. This land was the entire District of Columbia= WDC. This was established in 1801. However, before this, the Capital of the United States in the City of Washington existed, and that was named after General George Washington,+ and a goddess known as Columbia in 1791. However, in 1846 all this changed when the land that was originally part of Virginia, was returned back to them. Meanwhile, Washington and Georgetown retained their separate charters for seventy years, until the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. That act cancelled the charters of the towns and brought the entire area within the district borders under one district government, ending any distinction between “the District of Columbia” and “Washington”, making the two terms effectively synonymous. ~quote

The District government, with the Act of 1871 beside being incorporated, it gave them much more power. Meaning, this Act gave too much power to the President for the District of Columbia. It also and with deceptions, this Act was applied to the rest of the country when this Act was strictly for the District of Columbia. The entire country became a corporation due this Act by deception and infiltration. Crimes Galore against the American people from the most ferocious criminals that came to this country from all over the world, was a very common thing. With this Act, the American people lost their freedom, and so did all countries around the world. Ever since this Act, there it has been so many laws created, it is impossible for anyone comprehension. It is impossible for anyone keeping track of.

All these laws were created by the BAR= British Accredited Registry that along with the alleged congress approved whatever the BAR said. The BAR also ruled, and along with judges, all courts system, and so was the Justice Department, etc. And if this do not make you wonder, all these distinguish professional were all call Jews. All government agencies, and or private and or public agencies were run by Jews. The same Jews that ruled the suppose state of ISRAEL. ISRAEL and the United States Federal Government was in truth, one entity. In fact, the country of the United States was actually, THE UNITED STATES OF ISRAEL, bluntly speaking.

Keep also in mind that when we are speaking of the Jews, this is referring to a society of high class criminals murderers warmongers pedophiles, that call themselves Jews but are Not Jews. This do not apply to the good Jewish people around the world. Which comes to mind, that the good Jewish people should very well be aware Who their enemy is. It is time to speak up. It is time for courage, knowledge, and truth. Keep in mind that the enemy is always closer than you think and that it disguise in many forms. And this apply for all religions.

The Federal Government from the District of Columbia was governed/own by the British,+ and the Vatican. And the BAR and or lawyers, that were agents for both the Queen and the Vatican. All lawyers were actually British citizens whether born in the United States or not. And ironically, both the Queen and Vatican ruled the country of Canada, so it was convenience that might as well continue doing the same in the United States as has always been from the beginning. Let the people going on with their lives, thinking they are free with their Declaration of Independence.

Genius, is it not?

This means that Canada and the United States were the “gold pot” for every gold digger from Europe and from around the world. This also means that The Declaration of Independence was thrown through the roof; same as they did in Canada. These people broke all the rules, and broke every Oath taking.

The distinguish criminals or should we say, the distinguish Jewish mafia could care less about the people from the United States. In fact, this mafia orchestrated 9/11. And if this is not enough, Israel manage all the communication system for the United States and the entire world. Israel’s sexual perversion upon our humanity, and their propaganda galore, is one of the most nauseating infestation this world ever had beside being one of the capital for organs human trafficking, and the murdering of our youths by any means of which the United States is participant, along with China, etc. This is terrorism. Israel and their minions worldwide are the ones that created the idea of antisemitism as a defense mechanism for drawing sympathy from the gullible, as if they are some kind of especial breed ordained by God- all for them getting away with murder. If we are not mistaking, Semite is a word that refers to the language Arabs people speak. It is also a word that from the Greek language it means, Sem/ Shem= referring in biblical terms to son of Noah. Now many of us should know that the story of the biblical Noah, refers to physiological and astrological event.

The District of Columbia became a private City within a State that had its own government and its own laws, as we mentioned, much like Vatican City and the City of London- till year 2020. Actually these cities were cease and desist in year 2012, however, things started to heat up in year 2020 when they became completely bankrupt. Which is why and without notice or not, the entire country went on locked downs with the suppose Virus because it was the only way that this country could covers its crimes that it has been committing for centuries against the people.= human trafficking. Further, lethal injections were giving to top criminals that deserved not even a day of trial in military tribunals. Yes, vaccinations were giving to criminals. It was never intended for the people. Now, if some institutions used this opportunity for causing harms, they would pay the consequences for their actions. The virus became a pandemic, but of course, all businesses around the world were complicit. All countries around the world were complicit to the same crimes against their own people- human trafficking. The year 2020 was when The Act of 1871 was dissolved, in the month of May if I am not mistaking. It was the year when all the law that the same people created fell upon themselves, crushing them all to dust. Their way of government based on human trafficking, ended worldwide, and so was all malicious intentions they had moving forward for harming the people, and the planet.

Are you getting what we are saying here?

Now you might be saying, and who is running our country? Well, good question. Which comes to mind that before 1781, our country was ruled by the Continental Congress. This congress created our arms forces as the Marines; the Navy= White Hats,= Continental Army. Also they created the Military= Militia. The Continental Congress was built of volunteers from across the country that their intentions was throwing out the British from our country, but the British were not easily giving up but neither were the American people. And in 1775, a whole scale war started in Massachusetts where the Continental Congress had no choice but to send the Continental Army to Massachusetts with general George Washington as commander.

And then by issuing the Declaration of Independence, adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, the 13 American colonies severed their political connections to Great Britain. The Declaration summarized the colonists’ motivations for seeking independence. By declaring themselves an independent nation, the American colonists were able to confirm an official alliance with the Government of France and obtain French assistance in the war against Great Britain.~quote.

And the first states that constituted our nation, and or the first colonies, as they were first call, were in total thirteen. And they were, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

However, the British were furious about the Declaration and went on imposing taxes, and all kinds of violations against the people beside being in a full scale Revolutionary war long enough. This legacy of war went on till 1781 when in Yorktown, New York, on October 19, 1781, British General Charles Cornwallis surrendered his army of some 8,000 men to General George Washington, giving up any chance of winning the Revolutionary War.~quote.

The free spirit of the American people was at all time high when the British surrendered. Freedom at last!

Sadly, the American people were never free from the British. Never. We were left with the illusion of being free. Of being with the illusion of a free nation. That was all folks. You should know the rest after 1781. You should know all that has been taking place within our country till now. Till year 2020 when we finally kicked the minions not only out from Washington DC but from the entire country, taking them in busses loaded on One way ticket to Gitmo. That was when the entire city of Washington DC went on lockdown, and fencing the White House completely. It takes an entire army to do this huge operation, right? And it is still ongoing until all MotherF Deep State, Marxists, Communists, warmongers pedophiles children murderers bastards are alive anywhere in the world.

We went back to where general George Washington left us in 1781. When our arms forces were the de-facto government because that was the only way possible. He left us with The Declaration of Independence,+ and The Article of Confederation that finally finished ratification on March 1, 1781, seven months before George Washington winning the war in Yorktown. And our first president after the war, was John Hanson, under the law from The Article of Confederation that was our first Constitution. In those days, president of the United States was actually the president for the Continental Congress Assembled. So yes, John Hanson was our first president. Usually the Continental Congress Assembled at Philadelphia. Hanson served as president from 1781 to 1782. As you can see, in those days, the City of Washington was not even close being born.

So as you can see, it seems as politics went through the roof, due the fact that whomever are managing the financial system, is in no way financing criminals pedophiles politicians, churches; entertainment; corporations, and or any known or unknown institution that would bring harms to the American people Or for that matters to the people from this planet. The Cabal, and or the Khazarian mafia, and or the Zionists, and or the ***ing Jews that call themselves Jews but are not. Or whatever you want to call them, are not running the United States, Canada, or for that matter, the entire planet.

So sit tight, we are almost at the finish mark. Be for certain that our free spirit is not going anywhere except to a higher vibrational level. America is the I AM. We are the New Jerusalem. We are the New Israel. Israel as meaning, the new god’s people. Warriors of light. The children of the Sun. The children of Isis and AmonRA,= the children of the Moon and the Sun. We are a Christ’s Nation.

Let us put it this way, the Big Bear is in Canada, and the Holy Cow is in the United States. They work together. And do you know what the Holy Cow brings? She brings health, prosperity, and the rule of Law, not only for our people but for all the people from planet earth. She brings health, prosperity, and the rule of Law for all the creation. She is the voice of the people. She is the voice of the creation. And whatever she says, everyone must listens. And for this she has the most powerful Holy Arms forces that carries the burning sword of justice. And she also has her Holy Decrees that basically lays out the Law for the entire world goes by it, along the law that are left in the United States that are basically align with Natural law. The Holy Cow and the Big Bear do have an army of people in this physical realm, where they are making sure all goes accordingly.

This is all Biblical.

So for now you innerstand that the Act of 1871 is dissolved and so are basically all law created after this. This means goodbye to the distinguish traitors panty sniffers money bags that called themselves lawyers. This also means goodbye ***ing ISRAEL. Goodbye***ing VATICAN CITY. Goodbye ***ing LONDON CITY. Goodbye all along with all their minions worldwide.

You should also innerstand that All bad actors have been replaced with good actors. Meaning, the bad guys from DC+ and across all governments around the world are all gone. Gitmo. Buried. <ongoing>. Let them play each their own roles within their own timeline for those that are behind us. You should also innerstand that there it is an Avatar representing our arms forces at this time. You should also innerstand that The Act of 1871 was reversed. This means that 1871= 1781. This means that we are now exactly at where George Washington left us when he won the war on 1781 at Yorktown. You should also innerstand that the Supreme Court of our country is in Philadelphia, and if I am not mistaking it should be call, the Royal Supreme Court. All criminals cases are filed within that court only.

You should also innerstand that the biblical word Israel means, “Warriors of light. Warriors of God.” That is related to the God Taurus, and or the Adam man. It is also related to the twelve zodiac signs, or ten zodiac signs. Or the ten tribes of Jacob. Jacob means the Adam man; the earth man. It is also related to Atoms, molecules; cells; human cells; children of Isis and AmonRA. Vitality. Cerebellum.= human body.= the kingdom within. It has nothing to do with a geographical place in the Middle East. Unless some people are trying very hard mocking God.

Our country. Our nation is being born Now as we speak. And We The People with our free spirit, are going Be responsible for this wholeheartedly be a reality. This responsibility is running within our blood. We are the most courageous people in the world. And we are making sure that no invaders ever again rob us from our country and our values. We have the sword of TRUTH and knowledge within our hands.

We the People are The I AM. We are God’s People. We are the warriors of light. We The People from this planet earth are Israel.

Our Future Proves Past.

“And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.”
~Daniel 2:44

“A real man does not belong to a nation, a race, a society, an ideal, or religion. A real man belongs for the whole of humanity.” ~Gnostic wisdom

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. ~1 Corinthians 13:4–8a

And we remember this Poem by Kenneth Goodrich:

The Real student of Light faces the

Light and sends the Light before him

America America

My blissed I AM Country!

The Light of God that never fails

America! Tis Thee America


The Cup that holds the Christ Light

That will light the planet wide

America, my love for thee

Let her freedom reign without divide


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