Monthly Archive: September 2014


Like the Sun

              Life is like stones you turn over. You lift one up, and you look at it, and then you look at the underside. Then you put that stone down, and pick up another. All of life is an inquiry. It is a finding out. It is a perambulation around the universe. You circle the universe, and you circulate yourself. Your life is gradual, at the same time as it is immediate. Life is in increments, yet it is all at once. Gradual Read more [...]

Be The Splendor

  I am One God. I am the same God I ever was, only I am seen in different ways. It does matter what you see. I am more than a question of belief. Belief is what is in your mind. I ask: What is in your heart? What is in your vision? According to you, what kind of a God am I? I know the God I AM. I am the simplest, purest, loving living God. I am the Great Emancipator. I do not hold you down or back or anything at all. I am the Great Freer of Mankind. I am the Great Lover of Mankind. I am the Read more [...]