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Life is like stones you turn over. You lift one up, and you look at it, and then you look at the underside. Then you put that stone down, and pick up another.

All of life is an inquiry.

It is a finding out.

It is a perambulation around the universe.

You circle the universe, and you circulate yourself.

Your life is gradual, at the same time as it is immediate. Life is in increments, yet it is all at once.

Gradual and increments indicate time.

Immediate and all at once point to timelessness.

Your life is in one moment. All you have is this moment. You have no other.

Life is not papers you shuffle through looking for the right one.

It is the paper in your hand right now.

It is not a degree you get later.

It is a bird in the hand.

Drink your tea while it is hot.

Savor it, for this is the day I have given you.

Greet your day as you would like to be greeted. Go to meet it. Shake its hand. Give it a smile. Let it be welcome, for the day is a gift I have sent to you. You would not turn away a gift from Me, would you?

Today has your name on it.

How different is the day when you welcome it as a blessing! It never was meant to be a chore. Or obligation. But a delight for you to open up. Unwrap it.

How do you greet the day?

First, make it welcome.

Know that something wonderful is going to occur today.

This is a momentous day.

Get ready for it.

Get ready for it by welcoming it.

Rise along with the sun to the day it creates for you. For whom is this day if not for you?

And when the sun sets, put your day to rest. Do not record it. Let it go. When the day has passed, it no longer belongs to you. The past is not yours. The past a moment ago is not even yours.

Only right now is yours, and it is yours to do with as you wish. You are not confined to a position. Even if you are in jail, and you must do this and that at a particular moment, the moment is nevertheless yours to swim across with all your heart. Enter your day, and leave something good there. Leave something of yourself. Write yourself on your day. Be there. Let it be known that you gave this day to the universe.

Spend your day with Me, for I will add dimension to your day. Show Me your day as a gift to Me. What transpires in your day is nothing compared to what you give to it.

If your day is a path you walk, how do you walk it? Neither tiptoe nor stomp. Be freewheeling. This is, after all, your day to walk in. Show Me where you go today. Show Me the way of your day.

You do not master your day. Your day is not a performance. Life is a walk down many lanes, but it is always you who walks it. And today is the path you walk on.

Today is the canvas of your life.

Make it beautiful. Display it for Me.

Show yourself what a day can be.

Triumph over dailyness today.

There never was a day like today.

Forget it is Monday or Tuesday.

It is Today.

Today is before you. A week is not.

This moment is yours. Wield it into today.

Consider this day clay. Make from it what you will. The day is in your hands. I have given it to you for joy. Fill it then with joy for Me. Sally forth into the day I have set before you.

Make it like the sun.

~ Creator


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