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Independence Day Cleansing Affirmation for Everyone

We all know how dirty the minions that inhabit our country and the entire planet are. They are evil in all the meaning of the word. However, it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our family from these dark energies at all times, always. For example, pray together with your family, spend time in nature, eat healthy, keep your surrounding clean, and watch who you spend your energy with. Our energy is precious. Our blood is precious. Our cells are precious. Our body is precious. Our Read more [...]
Let us Rise for Freedom in 2022: Independence Day 0

Let us Rise for Freedom in 2022: Independence Day

  Freedom is something that we need to work for it. It is not giving free and only God can give us true freedom. Only when we have reached God Head, we are free; when the energy of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father comes together within us= the male and feminine energy, then freedom is granted to each one of us by the Divine couple themselves. When we are granted inner true freedom, then true freedom is manifests on the outside world. Meanwhile, let us celebrate our inner Read more [...]