Independence Day Cleansing Affirmation for Everyone


We all know how dirty the minions that inhabit our country and the entire planet are. They are evil in all the meaning of the word. However, it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our family from these dark energies at all times, always. For example, pray together with your family, spend time in nature, eat healthy, keep your surrounding clean, and watch who you spend your energy with. Our energy is precious. Our blood is precious. Our cells are precious. Our body is precious. Our mind is precious. Our family is precious.

It is no wonder that the minions want to destroy them. Want to destroy us!

Keeping our awareness on guard is not only our responsibility, it is our duty!

Below is an affirmation that we all should practice often and along with a candle that you will light. Let the candle burnt all completely. A small candle will do. Further, click to the link below as well, and listen to the video giving. This video will erase all kinds of implants+ and other junk that unknowingly were put inside us; inside you!

The video has magic in it. After listening it for a few times you will notice the energy within you shift for the better. This is great as well for people that are with illnesses, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, etc. It is up to you for how long you would want listening the video. Further, using an earphone is much beneficial.


All spells, curses, hexes, black magic, witchcrafts, negative energy, illnesses, poverty, and bad intentions that was directed towards myself, my family, and our people, be send BACK twice fold to senders at the speed of light. NOW. So Be it! Amen. Amen. Amen.


Peace. Courage. Truth. Transparency. Prosperity, and bliss be upon us all ways, always.

So Be It!

~LFabre = this posting


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