It is not a War: No more Wars it is Written


Are you people believing that there it is a war between Russia and Ukraine? And or that Russia invaded Ukraine?

To start, Ukraine is not even a country. That is an illusion.

Ukraine has always been part of Russia from the beginning of time. In another word, Ukraine is Russia. Now, you might think, What?

The so call Ukraine is like, for example, taking California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Oregon, and calling it now, the country of “Neverland.”

As we can see, the country of Neverland was supposedly created by separating these states from the original Motherland by some people doing infiltration, treason, and fraud.

Well, this is what happened with Ukraine. It was a well-organized plan by the most ferocious criminals coming especially from the West.

The people from this part of Russia never consented of such actions; and they were led to believe a lie where millions of people died do to wars, and human trafficking.

Not until almost the entire population from these provinces/states from Russia came to the final conclusion that they needed make sure they are back to their Motherland, Russia, so they be protected from the mafia from the West before they destroy them all.

The only issue now is, that the swamp within these provinces and or Ukraine, that these mafia created, needed be drain and all their evil creatures must be destroy. Something like the American people/our military and the Alliance did in Washington DC., etc., etc.

And who do you think is going be the one cleaning up the swamp within these parts of Russia?

Russia, of course! The Russian arms forces, and as well with some help from the Alliance are arresting, and or killing the rats. And chances are, no civilian lives during this operation have been lost.

So, with all these being the facts, let us move forward with clarity. And most important NOT pay attention to the propaganda machine so call media that want us believing otherwise.

Just think that these minions from the media are at the last breath, and they too would be destroy shortly.

For now, our advice to everyone is, go and get some sunshine while you can, and pray the Almighty, and along our benevolent arm forces finish these operations worldwide soon, so we can begin enjoying our freedom, our wealth, our health, and our beautiful countries where ever they may be.

Can’t wait!

So be it. ❤️

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