Let us Rise for Freedom in 2022: Independence Day


Freedom is something that we need to work for it. It is not giving free and only God can give us true freedom. Only when we have reached God Head, we are free; when the energy of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father comes together within us= the male and feminine energy, then freedom is granted to each one of us by the Divine couple themselves.

When we are granted inner true freedom, then true freedom is manifests on the outside world.

Meanwhile, let us celebrate our inner true freedom as if it is already here!

This is what we are calling from our Father Mother God. It is time for graduation! We have had enough of experiences within this physical realms thus Freedom is the reward!

Let our nation, and all nations, and our people, and all people from this planet rise like the Phoenix.

It is time!

Let Freedom reign all across the four corners of this physical realm and all across the heavens.

Let us rise! Freedom is ours. Freedom is ours. Freedom is ours!

Prosperity. Health. Courage. And Bliss is ours!

thank you. thank you. thank you!

Amen. Amen. Amen.


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