11 11 Open Portal: Our intention Manifesting a Better Future


 If we look at the number 11, it looks like a door, and or like a portal that one can walk into. This Portal represents the doorway for the portal from the physical world and the portal from the spiritual world.= two portals= two doors= 11 11= connecting two worlds.

11 is the Portal to the Gateway and the portals.

There are other calendar’s repeating numbers that as well represents portals, and we can definitely use these energies from these portals for our betterment; for taking advantages from these energies that would benefit us personally, or the entire creation.

However, the 11 11 Portal is the Master Portal that opens the doorway between the physical world and the spiritual world. The energies on 11 11 is very powerful, and it is there as a gift from our Creator for us making a wish list for whatever we are wishing for. It is as if we are going to the store and ordered something that will be deliver for us very soon.

Actually, we are not creating anything new, these timelines already exists! We are simply shifting to a better timeline than the one we have.

They say that this energy will last until the 30th of November. However, the earlier we make our wish list, the faster it will manifest. Just imagine creating a new timeline for yourself, and or a new timeline for the entire world full of wonderful things for everyone.


Find your peaceful space, and with a lit small candle, imagine entering this portal, and presenting the universe a wishing list that you already made. Below is an example of a wishing list that you already wrote very direct and clear,+ and listed by priority, or what you want be manifest first because it is most important.

Say, “Father Mother God, My intentions are, healing my body from all pains and diseases I currently have.

I want freedom by having good health; by being fit, and by being alert from what is healthy and best for my body.

I am also wishing for a new home where I can bring my grandchildren and having fun with them.

I wish having very soon, a new iPhone; and an awesome new computer.

I am wishing for a new car.

I am wishing for all my debts be erased, such as, mortgage, car loans, student loans, and all credits cards loans.

I am wishing going and visiting my families that are far away.

I am wishing traveling to wonderful places that are in different countries.

I am wishing having highest knowledge; spiritual knowledge; spiritual growth, wisdom.

I am wishing being economically free.

I am wishing having a credit card and or access for value with unlimited credit worldwide.

I am wishing having lots of success with my new company and with all my co- assistants.

I am wishing doing great in high school and in college.

I am wishing protection for my family; our children, and our country.

I am wishing for homelessness be gone.

I am wishing for a great relationship with my spouse; with my coworkers, with my family, and with our neighbors.

I am wishing for everyone their daily needs are met; being healthy, prosperous, full of life, and good hearted.

I am wishing for peace, harmony, sovereignty, courage, responsibility, and healing be upon earth for all the creation.

We wish the Almighty God of justice have mercy upon all those souls that passed away; our soldiers, our families, and our friends.

So be it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And we are pointing out, that if you do not have a candle, that is alright too. However, they say that since fire for a fact is sacred, it serves as a witness for our requesting the universe. Also, as things start manifesting for you, you can go to your list and put a check mark. Further, keep in mind that all our requests; our wishes, our intentions would set the stage for the 2023 New Year Timeline!

 This is huge! This is very important. This is critical.

During these celestials energies upon us, encourage everyone setting the stage for a better world with our good hearted intentions.

With warm hearts, we wish all our dreams come true; all our wishes Be a realization for a better world. For a better future for everyone.



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