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INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “More Intel” 6/8/17

Subject: “More Intel” 6/8/17

1. 63 million people worldwide in the last 6 months have stepped down as the cabal implodes.
The arrest total is still guarded.

2. There are 479 global issues that are being attended to at present to restore fairness to the peoples of the world.

3. The Rothschilds owe $2.2 Quadrillion to countries of the world and can’t pay.
That amounts to 27 years of GDP worldwide.

They tried to claim that Canada and other lands belong to them…it failed.
They were also caught leveraging the same assets twice.

They have realized that they will not get WW3…a million man army…and the destruction of Middle Eastern nations.

4. America never recovered from the crash of 2008 which was engineered on purpose by the international bankers just like 1929.

102 million American adults are out of work which is about 30% of the country. The cabal is turning America into a welfare state unless their plan is stopped for good.

5. Scientology is a cult with a deceptive plan of goals designed to enrich the upper level cabal which is mainly about control and pedophilia.

6. Anonymous has exposed the legal corruption in the courts in Fort Myers Florida.

One judge was found to not even be a judge and was a complete phony.

Another judge tried to steal property from owners and resigned.

The feds have begun their attack on the entire system in all 50 states.

NOTE: we may add that many but many are the attorneys, lawyers, referees, corporate agents as marshals, apartments complex managers: associations, and police that have been arrested.  These are order takers that work for former corporations disguising as government. Their crimes are beyond comprehension against the American people, inclusive of extortion, where they have the audacity for stealing private territory from the American people by claiming loans they never loaned: using corporate jargon for executing a contract: racketeering. These Jewishcons criminals have the notion they are the law.

We are very hopeful the FEMA CAMP should be full very soon. We are not stopping sending these mobsters for prosecution until no one is left.

We may also make notice that attorney, lawyers, esquires, referees: anyone: all BAR license has been extinguished since 2012. All cases filed at court by any of these criminals are being monitor for references nationwide. THE FACTS.

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “More Intel” 6/8/17

~the people


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