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An Invitation To Use The Solstice To Break Up Resistance To Humanity’s Awakening

by Parisse Deza

With the Summer Solstice in mind, I asked my long-time advisor, the I Ching, what could be done to dissolve resistance in the field and accelerate the awakening of humanity. Its answer was clear: Shake things up now and rouse them to new activity. Release new energy from the cloud of confusion.

Why Is The Solstice Important?

The four most powerful points of the yearly cycle are the solstices and equinoxes, each one a three-day still-point of pure and purifying spiritual energy. The universe uses these zero-point pauses to gather itself and bring everything into greater harmony. Huge amounts of negative images, energy and general rubbish in the field are neutralized, and vast amounts of the unconditioned energy of loving-light pour in to make new things possible. These still-points are like eclipses in their magical power.

This year, the summer solstice falls on the 20th (a solstice or equinox can occur anywhere from the 18th to the 23rd). Its entire window is: the day before, the day of, and the day after, making the whole experience June 19, 20, and 21.

What Can We Do?

We have made tremendous progress towards our Awakening Point over the last few decades and especially the last few years. If we strike a strong, resonant chord together with this solstice wave, we can dissolve a great deal more of the inertia of the sleeping masses and the actively dark forces that have been trying to hold back this great change. (If you want a global currency reset, this moment well-used could significantly diminish the remaining resistance to it.)

Maintaining our focus continuously over the three-day window, using a combination of meditation, ceremony, and parties, works best, and also being aware of how the energies are lining up for it days in advance and following thru for days after. Holding a continuous focus from now thru the weekend after will generate a wave of spiritual momentum that creates permanent results.

We are now at the midpoint of the Heart-Fire season of yang energy, the time when the Sun fully opens its heart to the planet. It is the “full moon” moment of the solar cycle, and it may seem harder to sit still to meditate. But meditation proves to be the most powerful thing we can do, as sitting still inside the Still-point allows us to align with what It is doing on Earth and in our personal lives. So plan some good still time, focused on emptiness, surrender, and release along with movement, ceremony, and sound-making, and know that we are catching this wave together simultaneously.

What Are We Doing This For?
We are doing this to be free. We cannot battle dark forces into submission; conflict perpetuates duality. Our aim should be to remember the truth of what we are, and thereby release ourselves from the grasp of anything or anyone “dark”. This vibrational shift will allow a harmony of Heaven and Earth.

We are part of a spiritual coup de grace, a ‘stroke of mercy’ that comes from a vibrational shift, when the incoming energies are shaking up the galaxy so we can reenter unity consciousness. We are in a terrible and wonderful time of chaos and awe as we approach our Zero Point and begin to use our natural mind again. As Terence McKenna said in a discussion with Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph Abraham in 1992 at Esalen:

Love is what lies ahead at the end of the historical descent into novelty; it has to be. Now, the reason there is a lot of freaking out is because the trip gets rougher as you approach the zero point… the ride is gonna shake your teeth out in the last moments, and then, you will touch the Eschaton [the divinely-ordained end of history] and break through.


And there we are.

Happy Solstice!


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