The Final Breakthrough








My Final Breakthrough

: For I arrived at this small town that deep inside I know I’ve known before…, actually it is my childhood town that I haven’t seen for many, many years…, I am even remembering that hill by the  river, “Rio Verde, = Green River as it is its actual name” where with my childhood friends I used sliding down…, just having fun even when it was muddy with the rain!

And still look the same…?

So much fun…, so many memories…

~ – = For I see in front of me a crystal stone on the ground by the hill…, I went and picked it up…, funny but for a fact I happen to own a crystal stone just like this one at home! Only though this one is smaller, but the shape is identical…?

~ – = For my amusement, right in front of me and like magic, a long, long row of crystal clear stones appear in front of me…, countless crystal stones I am seeing… They each seems having a shinning white light within- like a unique white candle light.

~ – = For the message I get is that my body cells are crystalized now, and they are happy…?

~ – = For this great new I must know…

~ – = For then I find myself in the same area bathing myself with tiny crystal dust that for a fact are crystal stones!

~ – = For I am having fun, for I am a crystal too, for I am crystalized…

~ – = For  this is my final breakthrough!

~ LM: 09/04/17

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