Israel is the Enemy: Cyber War Technology


14991946_1108745959247093_8962572399426605369_n-271x300Israel has been the cause for all terrorism around the world, as you all may know by now. But not known too many is another shocking fact, and that is that Israel brag as being the whore of cyber crimes! This means that you, I, and our neighbors are not safe using our phones, computers, and whatever created application, let say like WhatsApp, etc. etc., not at all.

Further, what is really scare is the fact that all countries around the world, their national security are at risk because Israel is watching the activities of all countries. This is when they plan attacks, and or dissolve any good or bad action anyone is trying to do in their country, and or for that matter within our communities. Keep in mind that what they intervene upon are the goods people are doing, due the facts that this irritate them! It is beyond all what they stands for, that is fear, hate, stealing, lying, and killing. This have got to stop! Read more here:

Israel and all their criminals need be cease and desist. Israel even have joined the useless United Nation that is an agency that enforce globalism so it can take the sovereignty of all countries and destroy it, like for example with the open border agenda that must allow the countries that [signed] for the immigration pact all immigrants from all over the world into their own country without prejudice! If any country have signed this immigration pact that allow open borders, you must write to the United Nations a letter of resignation soon as possible. Have no fear because the security, and sovereignty of your country,+ and that of your people are at risks. And in case you are not aware, an insane zionist from Mexico was the ONE that wrote the immigration pact!

NATO as well, play the same roll. Any nation that is NATO member should resign from its membership immediately with a letter of resignation. If we are not mistaken, NATO is the one that is behind disarming all the people within each nation, specially the United States! Same as United Nation=UN. NATO is an agency that enforce globalism same as UN. And both agencies are own by mafias lovers of the Evil Talmud that have no regards for humanity. These criminals from both NATO, and UN have the audacity calling the countries that do not join them NOT sovereign! Is that insane or what? All countries are sovereign whether they join these agencies or not. Also keep in mind that once a country join these agencies, it is bound to their constitution, like for example taking the military men from that [a] country to fight for their own wars invading others countries whether like it or not. Take time to read the constitution of these agencies, and we are more certain you will want to get out sooner than later. Be not a puppet country for these criminals that have the notion all nations are at their dispositions for their own ventures for doing harm to others.

Anyways, the intellectual whores from Israel knows well how to use these agencies to get into your own country with their manipulation, and their criminal enterprise as the CFR= Counsel of Foreign Relation that are all Zionists plaguing the world with their ideology of being good doers agents, when the facts are, they are control freaks stealing all [a] country has,+ and killing their people, violating their laws, and installing their Jewish Talmudic laws within that country’s own court system, where at the end everyone finish in jail, or dead; and ultimately taking as well the entire land that constituted that country. Not to mention they installing a brutal police state that are worse than terrorists having the people living in fear. Keep in mind that Palestine is an example of what they can do to your own country. Keep in mind also that the interests of the USA in your country is not in the best interest of your own people, but that of the USA no matter what. It is the same as that of the zionists mafia; they are the same body.

Keep away from the state of Israel, they are the plague of this world. In fact do not even have an embassy in your country that represent Israel, this will give them more reason to brainwash any country with their gobbledygook bullshit. Remember that they have nothing to do with religions, and or divine Christ like some Evangelicals+ and Protestants, etc think! Israel is a State where con men, and women are high class criminals, that is all. The State of Israel was establish by the zionists fascists Rothschilds/Habsburg/ Valero/Jacob/Medici snake agents by them buying land in the country of Palestine for them to build banks! It was never intended for them plundering Palestine, and destroying their country, and their people.

Zion means conquering, as with military force. Zion is also a Hill in Jerusalem that is supposedly sacred for the real Jews, Christians, and Muslims for eons. The Zionists fascists snake agents are what we call the Jews that are NOT. Meaning they disguise as Jews but they are not. They are the Jews from the synagogue of SATAN and SATAN. They are the liars, hypocrites, murderers genocidal agents that think that just because they have a little bit of knowledge,+ and some academics titles,+ and money that they stole from the people through their banking system, the rest of us must bow to their hypocrisy. They are the ones that re-wrote history,+ and their own future to make us believe they are the chosen ones! They are the ones that wrote the evil Talmud,+ and all their religious blasphemies that we all know very well are copies from the teachings from the gods from Ancient Egypt, written differently to suits them!

They are the ones that stole all internet technologies from the American people, these being all as [intellectual properties], and specially Leader Technologies that they knows well without them they could never have had the capacity to navigate the web. Which is why the allege USA, meaning their zionists counterparts from the USA protects Israel so dearly because they know they are as well accomplices being thieves taking the inventions= intellectual properties, and or ingenuity from the American people without consent, and along with the BAR, and all their masters zionists mobs from Europe as for example are the Vatican, and the Royals with their affiliates the Chinese, and the Saudis, inclusive countless elites families from around the world compose of high class criminals as are the warmongers, the Bush family from the USA, and Germany; the Bourbon, the Farnese, and the Colonna, etc. Take time to read links below.

Being Safe

And for safety, how about if we all just use our devices for emergencies only! Instead, how about just get together with families and friends and talk about subjects that really matters, like families helping each other, the community, the education for the children, etc. How about learning to send telepathic messages, and or a written message? How about verbal?  How about turning all the devices off, and just go and spent time with nature! Anyways, what we are saying here is that we have to re-member who we are, and stop depending on harmful technology that is taking our essence away. Actually technology is our enemy. Israel is the enemy. We ourselves are our own enemy! Choose.

Also choose to destroy anyone that have passed their limitation as it has the state of Israel,+ and their zionists criminals that as well are within Washington DC+ and all throughout the United States. Have courage. Defend what it is right. Do not give in to pirates, warmongers criminals that disguise as good doers giver of democracy that navigate on liberating countries with dictators. The facts are they are the destroyers of democracy that goes on disposing any government that does not comply with their demands, as if they are superior gods that we all must obey. Do not as well get impressed with their titles, and or political position, remember that anyone that violates moral values, is not to be around with. Run away from them, and keep your guns on check. Never ever give up your arms to any politician that do not honor our laws. It is our God giving right to own an arm of defense. Even the gods owns an arm of defense, like for example many are masters using the sword, and they always carrie it with them! Remember that these zionists parasites wants us disarm so then we can lose our freedom. Vomit on their faces, if you must! Show them courage, and defend your rights against these cowards.

We think that the best we all can do is arms ourselves no matter what country we are,+ and as well, start being self sufficient. Meaning we need to start producing our own food that we consume,+ be custodians for our own resources that help us to thrive like the rivers, lakes, and oceans; our forests, and all creatures. We ultimately need to come from the idea that we cannot survive without the United States, Israel, and or for that matter any other country that is plundering us like China also. And in case you are not aware, China now have the Talmud as their leading text for guiding their society, which is why they are killing all Muslims+ many having them living in concentration camps! These are innocents people that have committed no crimes. The entire population from China is living in fear. They have done the same in Taiwan, and the entire region, plaguing as well everyone with their agenda of sexual immorality, and specially the youth! This is typical of zionists talmudic fascists criminals that have no regards for humanity. Further, under any circumstances rent, and or negotiate your own country’s ports to any foreign body= country, for example China, etc, etc. Instead protect your ports with all might from foreign pirates, and or group disguising as with the authority of government like for example anyone concerning the Vatican, and or high profile entities like royals elite, ect. Protect. protect your ports at all costs!


Venezuela is a good example for us, as instead of crying and dying with all the sanctions from the USA, Venezuela accepted the facts that the USA is bankrupt- that they cannot pay for the oil they take from Venezuela, thus they instead switched their productivities to natural resources that are vital  for their thriving. Venezuela with all their rich soil, and plenty of land is now focusing in producing plenty of rice, oil, maize, all kind of fruits, and vegetables, and even with their creativities from their young generation of scientists, they can even come along with many ways for/to cure the sick with perhaps alternative medicines= medicines we get from plants, and or combining using both methods of medicines to work the best for all. Keep in mind that we are our own doctors. Our health is our own individual responsibility+ that of our young children. That we do not need going to see a doctor unless we broke a bone, and or had an accident. If we live along nature, eat a balance meal with fresh produce, and as well we are good doers from our hearts, then we all should have good health all through out our old age without prescription drugs that aims are that of destroying the rest of our organs! Prescriptions drugs are to be taking on a temporarily basis, and or as needed! Not for being dependent on them to survive.

Let Venezuela be an example for us all. The Venezuelan people as well are very courageous people, and surprising enough the Venezuelan people have their own militia, besides their own military! The Venezuelan people as well have the most well written Constitution that put to shame the one from the United States. Their Constitution encourage its people to be self sufficient+ as well is a duty to defend their country, and their resources that are all nationalized for their own people, not for private companies like the allege USA wants them to. Read the Venezuelan Constitution:

Venezuela also left the OEA or OAS= Organization of American States, that for a fact, the United States has being using this organization for subordination against South American countries instead of working as partners for the greatest good as was the intention in the first place when the organization was created. In another way, the United States became their traitors instead of partners, brainwashing them to take over their sovereign nations just like they have done in Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, and many other South American countries where millions have died through genocides that zionists themselves did, as were million indigenous from El Salvador by war criminal Elio Abram. It is from South America also where the demons from the United States get the most supplies of kidnapped children, and specially from Brazil! The CIA has done well brainwashing the youth all through out the region to being fine gangs members that do their dirty work for killing, delivering drugs, and humans organs. And do not let us get started with the man made earthquake that happened in Haiti, where millions were killed so they [the criminals zionists] could get the funds with donations from all over the world to help the earthquake victims after worse. What they do not tell us, is that all those millions they received with donations were taking to pay for the right to dig/ mined a gold mine in the Dominican Republic that is on the border with Haiti!  Right now in the Dominican Republic this gold mine is run by the zionists, where we hear many employees are dying daily for some strange reason… Truth is we cannot fathom the insanity from these demons that until these days they are walking as if nothing has occurred!

We advice South American nations to leave the OAS! Just send a letter of resignation to Washington to the appropriate address and resigned. Moreover, in Venezuela, kindergarten is all the way connected to the college education that a child wish to pursued, and it is free.+ further, all the people without prejudice are allow to own land= property. And millions of homes are being built each year to meet the demand of the people.These homes are basically free. Further, the working class in Venezuela are the people! These are just few of the good things about Venezuela! These make the zionists fascists Talmudic maniacs really jealous, is it not? And by the way, we have to be careful how we view socialism as a whole. For example, and according to principle, the way a government can work in a country is by distributing the wealth of that country to its society= its people. Venezuela serve as example. This method as well was used within old Egypt,+ and Libya before Omar Gaddafi was killed by the USA had this system within his country for his people. Nothing compare to the West, and specially the USA where the working class are the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and the BAR, the latter being the ones that cover all the crimes the Jews commit, obviously, they are from the same tree, all working in unison for their zionists mafias class that comes from all over the world to make money from the American people with a system call communism capitalism that only serves the few while the rest are slaves that starve to death. And this will come to pass because Real socialism with real democracy where the people follow constitutional law, and everyone prosper because every one is [original] that can handle direct their own economical affair, is coming to America= patriotism. socialist nationalism is already here.


Above president Nicolas Maduro from Venezuela. Have you ever seen a most proud president in your entire life? This is the legitimate president of sovereign Venezuela that the zionists from Washington,+ and Israel via Canada tried to overthrow with propagandas of a higher proportion. And are you aware that the same thing they tried to do in Turkey a few years ago? and they were cut short just like in Venezuela by the people being aware enough to stop the invasion! Viva Venezuela!

And last but not least, get into the habit turning your devices off during the night, like for example disconnecting the wifi from the wall’s electrical connection, and switching your cells phones to airplane mode! This is a must to avoid demons navigating into our aura at night. Remember that these technologies bring down our own vibratory frequency, and thus since demons travel these low frequencies, they then invade us, taking then control over us! Just think what these will do to your children! Also expend a few minutes a day under the sun, specially in the morning ours, and or the evenings. By the way walk bare foot often for more absorption of the sun’s energy even if the grass is wet! In fact, how about walking in the mud?  Also if you have electric meter for your electrical use, you might want to call your electric company and tell them that you do not want electric meter in your property! Electric meter are very dangerous, find all about for yourselves. And as well find out all about 5G! Do not allow 5G into your country, nor the Huawei  phones. Read about risk for 5G here: Here in the United States this will not be possible, we are most certain. Note. Every morning, and this is if you unplug your wifi from the wall at night, you must wait a few minutes after plugging in next=wait 5 minutes for the router be populated.

A must watch video so you can understand more clearly what we are saying above. And remember share, as it is with sharing that people are informed about who the enemies are! ~LFabre

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