Intel Report: Children Abuse: BeBest for BeLess


By now the American people should have learned how to discern what some distinguished people think and promote is best for our children, as if they are the absolute authority over them. We are most certain the people are pretty much sick of these BS from corporations, and politicians as well that instead for promoting what would empower our children, they are promoting  knowingly, and deliberately the contrary.

We all know that where distinguish criminals as Jeff Bezos+ Steven Mnuchin= septic worms,+ Bill and Malinda Gate,+ and Big Pharma agents are involve concerning the well being for our children, is definitely Not in best interests for them. Further, Bill, and Melinda Gate are two lawless criminals that should not be walking freely on the streets for all the direct,+ and covert crimes they have inflicts upon our children, and adults alike, domestic, and worldwide, pretending they are savior of mankind when the facts are, they are selling vaccinations for profit loaded with chemicals they very well know are lethal for the body functionality! These are the criminals that are part of the evil compartmentalized zionists corporal greedy mobs that call themselves Jews but are not. The Muhammed-dan lineage of assassins, pedophiles, children murderers, slaves traders, slime balls females haters, control freaks demonic whores that call themselves Muslims but are not. The Bolshevik criminals, and from the gulag that with invasion, and fraud have taking over the country of Palestine, killing their people, and stolen their resources, and land to establish the suppose state of Israel of which the entire United States is its primary sponsor along their evil zionists congress, CIA, FBI, DOJ, and all politicians alike that are accomplices for all the crimes they have committed in the region with their worldwide of distinguish evil zionists mafia families from NATO, UN, UNICEF, UNESCO, IMF, BIS, M16, MOSSAD, SERCO, and the evil whore of all, CHINA= all disguising as good doers when they are simply trained criminals pirates, assassins, and the finest intellectuals whores as are ambassadors, esquires, and clergies from the zionists’ grads at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, and etc. The ones that took over the entire court system in the United States, and the world so it would ONLY serves them; burying the rights of the people. The ones that have declared themselves being descendants from the cosmos, and we the people are not. The ones that are sending to spray the sky constantly with chemicals so it would cover the direct sun light from our sun god because we are not worth of it! The ones that put sodium fluoride in our tap water so it would make us all docile. The ones that are using/installing malicious spyware technologies within all computers+ phones+ and on the streets as tools for keeping tracks of our daily lives. These are the facts.

Which comes to think, these are the people Melania Trump is associating with to promote the best for our children! We say to Melania Trump, where have you been? Are you really living in a reality world? How much stupid do you think the American people are? We get the direct and indirect messages with your BEBEST propaganda for your criminals affiliations. Truly, BEBEST is a path to BELESS for our children! By now you should have known that the United States has been a country where moral values+ and the restoration for our humanity, and nature has been lost. We have been honoring vices for virtue. The United States has been an insane asylum that time come to passed.

What you should be more on focus, is the delicate Threat that is separating children from their parents, as this is an issue highly enforced by the fucking corporal STATE, and Child Protected Services that ultimate goal is NOT protecting children, but instead is harming them in all forms, inclusive selling them for profit as if they are public property,+ as well facing death, and sexual immorality. For the allege DHS+ along with the allege Federal Government have thousands of children hold hostage within empty Walmart warehouses all throughout the country, Florida, and Texas as being the worse! They are also holding our children in cages! These children are from across the border that may as well comes from other continents that have been kidnaped, and or sold by their own families that they depended upon to protect them!!! Our hearts are broken to pieces! These children are a money making enterprise for the Mafia families as are the Bush, the Jewish, and the elites worldwide; and of course the allege corporal USA/DHS that through their allege Treasury gives them theirs bonuses of a Big fat pay check! And do not let us get started on the drugs, organs trafficking, jailing for profit, killing for insurance profit, and the serious business that is navigating people from all over the world through the border for their own gain! AND are you aware that the Amber Alert is actually a navigating tool for kidnaping children? All stablished, and protect it by the local police, FBI, and CIA zionists’ paid for hire mobs. Enough said.

You should be also focusing on commanding the current educational system be shut down completely, by introducing a system of education that includes civics, the wonders of nature, having self respect, self responsibility, self liability, and as well be a custodian for the creation. Being protectors for our earth that is entirely holy sacred not only in the Hills of Palestine, Egypt, India, or Mecca but across the world from East to West, and North to South. Our Earth is a sentient Being, and so is the Sky, the Moon, the Sun, and even the air we breathe!

You should also be asking what is taking place all across children’s hospitals, and specially the Jewish children hospital call Saint Jude, where healthy children, and as young as newborn are being diagnose with heart issues, leukemia, cancer, and even diseases we never heard off. What really is going on is that these hospitals are hubs for distribution of blood+ organs,+ and flesh for the elites demons from Hollywood, and politicians alike that gives huge contribution to these hospitals so their demands are met! Killing children knowingly all ways always is their real business. No big deal for the zionists talmudic corporal Jews that worldwide treat the goyim and their babies as cattle. Same as the Mohammed-dan do. The ones that have no regards for the Creator’s creation; and thus the sexual immorality,+ and destruction of the family foundation across the planet. And do not let us get started with abortion clinics, castration clinics,+ and Plan Parenthood worldwide, where killing the unborn, and newborn is what they stand, working for the demonic pedovores so call scientists across the world for profit+ and demoralization of the creation. Abortions clinics, castration clinics, Plan Parenthood, and the allege corporal USA need be cease and desist perpetuity in order for nature restoration be restore. Destroy what no longer serve its purpose, and hold accountable, liable, and responsible the perpetrators.


You should be as well enforcing extreme organic nutrition for schools lunch+ at home! As well as respecting the choice of parents Not vaccinating their children, that as well should not be enforce in the first place by Big Pharma corporal agents as are all doctors, teachers, politicians, and religious clergies. Nor it should be medical kidnapping an issue parents should be dealing with either! Further, under any circumstances NOT teaching our children racial devision, hate, religions superiority, and sexual immorality in all forms, inclusive deliberately infringing the cognitive development of a child gender with the idea that perhaps they should be the opposite gender of what nature made them BE! Transgenderism is a crime against children, but as well a dishonor to the Creator, and Nature. These includes as well castration of both genders such as clitoris mutilation, and circumcision. Further, it is the aim for all religions encourage their own people be the light! Meaning, being all walking the path for Christian-hood= Christ-like= Crystal light= one that practice transparency= light= true- knowledge. One that practice brotherhood, sisterhood, courage,+ custodianship for all the creation. Spirituality does not come from religion. It comes from our soul. “We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans, which was suppose to help people grow spiritually. Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality  is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was giving by our Creator of creation. Spirituality is a network linking us to our Creator, the universe, and each other.” ~and quote. We are a people that as ONE are on a mission as agents for the Creator here on planet Earth. That is all.

Moreover, you should enforce our children spending more time in nature than NOT+ keeping them away from dangerous technologies as television, where it expose brainwashing children with movies that trash the human race, and the creation!+ radio, cells phones, and too much exposure to wifi classrooms filled as well with filthy air conditioning. Same should applies at home! And further under any circumstances, and prohibited by law, and the people’s commands, NOT installing any 5G towers in schools ground! Let alone in neighborhoods. 5G waves can destroy our own make up do the speed of its radiation that it is faster than the one within our own aura! 5G is genociding our own body; our own humanity. We ask, are we that stupid, that greedy, that evil to allow this to destroy not only our humanity, but all creatures?

You should also be pointing out the dangerous influence that the worldwide zionists mafia have on our young adults within college campuses of our nation, inclusive the British corporation call Harvard University, others affiliates alike+ and all the way down to community colleges, to high school, where their educational system is based on false information, and or whatever suits the evil mobs compose of Jews that are NOT; and Muslims that are NOT, bests, not necessarily what inspire our young adults having an education that would guide them being respectable public servants for everyone, as well as helpful for their own spiritual journey that they learn from the facts of Nature. This is a serious worldwide issue that need be cease and desist, as it is a fact, the European zionists mafia is in charge of the worldwide educational system, inclusive all religions! The educational system, and all religions are based on false teachings, inclusive from the evil Talmud,+ and the Koran that are written texts by tribal criminals lords that main focus was; is navigating controlling the mass in all forms,+ and knowingly perpetrating genocide, infanticide, and sexual immorality in all forms inclusive transgenderism that is a form of castration, and de-generation for the intrinsic male, and female gender from our Creator: from nature. The zionists agenda as well is spreading democracy like the ones we have in the United States that in truth is nothing more than Zionism Judaism Fascism= Extreme Communism that only serve the few while the rest of our humanity: our people are slaves that are hardly making it from one day to another. They are the zionists corporal mobs that follow no law except their own [global] domination of violation, invasion, fraud, and wars that are destroying all our cultures. The ones that have taking the sovereignty= freedom from all nations, and individuals away from them by force, and malfeasance for their own greed with no regards. The ones that need all be execute for their hideous committed crimes without prejudice, and with prejudice.

You should also be enforcing for everyone NOT be using our children; our youth as pawns for their own greed, sexual exploitation, and lavish demonic desires. These actions are off the lowest for moral values against our children, and those that perpetrates them. Our children are not public property, nor are any human for that matter. Leave our children be! In fact, Melania Trump should be telling everyone saying to their children, inclusive in classrooms that they are divine, and with unlimited possibilities! Infringing our children’s universe with adults malice, is not the way for a child divine development. It is our responsibility to care for our children in a responsible manner that navigates them Be all that they are= Divine Beings. You should also loud and clear call for the immediately closing for the GMO empire that is now own by Bayer from Germany, and the execution for their so call zionists evil scientists that are harming: transforming the natural seeds for the products that nature gave us for our own survival like corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, tomatoes, cotton, and etc., with genetic modified organisms that are lethal for our own body function, inclusive bringing infertility for men, women, and all creatures worldwide. We are being genocide covertly, and overtly. Insanity like this should not even be crossing our minds, let alone bringing it to manifestation. Let natural farming be done by the local communities across the planet, and further without the chemicals that are detrimental for the environment, and our own health, as are weed killers, and insecticides.

Comeback to read more about the elite Jewish chemical mafia all throughout the world here:

Further, those that are being a threat for our children in any form, inclusive teachers that are for a fact members for the Teachers Association that encourages that they persuade sexual immorality within their classrooms! = Sexual education in all forms inclusive sexual acts with their own teacher! This is a dirty little secret that leads to youth pregnancy, and thus more booming business for the abortions clinics! The Teachers Association is part of the Corporal Zionist Fascist agenda that created in the first place the path for the destruction of our youth! For the destruction of the family foundation with sexual immorality in all forms. All these insane snake agents should be banned from public services,+ be hold responsible for abuses against the vulnerable as are our children. These as well include health care professionals that [main] goals are destroying human lives instead of. We believe that if a person have not good standing human moral values, that person under any circumstances should be NOT serving as a public servant. People like these are a threat for our society.

Right now the secretary for the educational system is an entity that comes from a well known mafia family that killing children+ arranging wars+ and sexual immorality against children, is what they are all about. Do you know who is the secretary of education? Now you know. Please do your own due diligence finding the facts. This secretary of education need be replace as soon as possible, the people command, with someone with high standards for moral values.

Must read article about transgenderism:

Also take time to watch this video about the ultimate goal for the future of our children from the corporal demons that think they owns the children. Be on alert. Be informed. Have courage. Keep on learning. Do not consent. Listen to your heart. Protect our children all ways always, lose no sight, predators are everywhere, inclusive within our own doctor’s office! Know that we are at war for the safety+ survival for our children. Fight, we have no choice! ~LFabre

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