#UNIVERSALCLEANUP: HATJ New Data- Would You like to Play Your Part

#UNIVERSALCLEANUP: HATJ New Data- Would You like to Play Your Part






Would You like to Play- To Flex Your powerful Creator Being muscles…?

I received this email from HATJ, this evening. I will be playing with Heather’s toe being happy, healthy and cosmically delicious. I am also playing with unexpected expansive ways of connecting with other people rolling through the facility in every being there.

Are You up for creating energetic frequencies that have your unique expansive flare and sending them in playful ways to Dublin FCI…

Want things to be Done Now, Revealed Now, Unfolding Now… You hold the key to do that for You and share in the job of opening the lock for All.

Lets Rock this out with Love and a Joyful Noise ~BZ



9/18/2018 9:52:58 PM



i have been and will be short for the next few days while i handle a broken infected big toe with the united states public health services, “usph” (does medical here at the bop facility…agency sound familiar within fed res relationships, etc., hhhhmmmm???? lol), and bop officers…i will not even expand on the conflicting data and orders at this time.

however, one important point that was over emphasized to all inmates over the last 24 hours, specifically in the form of an offical memo from the warden giving notice of new, and extremely increased penalities for unauthorized contacts and communications, including but not limited to messages to/from/with/using third parties…for example, my emails and calls must be directly with those i have in my contacts list…they are going so far as cross-referencing inmates contacts to see who has the same ones and then asking the contact in common how they came to know the inmates, looking at all books to see if inmates have in common depositors, etc…some girls are very, very, very upset

penalties include, but are not limited to, being thrown in the shoe (isolation), loss of phone/email/video privilages for “at least 18 months”, and $300 fine (up from previous $25 fine), removals of contacts, etc…

this morning, the assistant warden (le masters) said it is national policy, if i am recalling his words correctly…dunno, my toe was killing me, and i was told that i would be written up if i missed orientation to go to the doctor…usphs says i should have gone to the doctor and they would have helped me with getting the writeup cancelled…inmates, saying “yeah right”…mamma mia! ~ cue Pink’s FUN HOUSE

so keep above in heart, and if you are removed from my contacts list…cue shaggy’s “it wasn’t me”

love you all
and we wrap this the $*!@*$%^& up NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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~ the people


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