What we want for Christmas









Happy Christmas everyone. May your hearts be filled with the universal Christ-light now, and during your entire journey of this physical dimension, and beyond. KNOW that you are the light of the world, and it is our responsibility while we are on planet earth to create/bring to manifestation with our thoughts, and intentions a better world, or best said, a world community where all humanity is united consciously as ONE for the betterment of our survival, our future generations, our vital resources, and our many different creatures that are sharing our planet earth here with us.


With this being said we want to immediately, and with the company of heaven, and all ascended masters bring to manifestation a new financial system that would distribute the wealth of our planet evenly for everyone, and backed by our earth resources, and our own innate value. We want a monthly income for every man, woman, and child for a lifetime, thus no one be any longer in the deplorable poverty worldwide of not meeting their daily needs as that of having a healthy meal a day. We want the released of all prisoners for profit out of prison/jails, and we want restitutions, and housing for them immediately, and world wide; we want the ending/closing of all the “for profit governmental agencies” that no longer are serving their communities, except themselves, this includes holding them accountable for their intentional, and deliberately crimes against us, as that of slavery. Furthermore, we want every penny that was taking from us by them, back, sealed, and delivered into our own bank account soon as possible.

We want 2017 to Be the beginning of years ahead of financial freedom, and the starting point of creating projects that would empower our own communities to enjoy, respect, and share our own creativities such as centers of healthy living, housing, recreations facilities, agriculture, land distribution, free living, art centers, and the care and respect of our animals, and all other living creatures.

This much the people of planet earth want for this Christmas, and beyond.

So be it, be it so

Enjoy the video by our very own Pentatonix!


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