Don’t Say my Name Movie: Human Trafficking and Drugs Addictions

Take time for watching this movie, call “Don’t Say My Name.” Link below. The movie is based on the horrific fact of human trafficking, and the horrific fact as well of drug addiction that is one of the main cause of breaking the family foundation.

Drug addictions comes in many forms, from cocaine, recreational drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping, and prescriptions drugs to say the least. It is beyond nauseating that this humanity have lost the way of empowerment do to these lawlessness. Do the lack of Discernment. Do the lack of Responsibility. Accountability. Bravery. Courage. Integrity.

Let us all be Not naive. Addictions destroys the ability for our body cells to reproduce and communicating one another. Lacking the ability for our body cells reproduction and communication, leads to death. Even that supposedly relaxing glass of wine Or beer once or twice a week, do you no good. And do not take caffeine so lightly either. That huge cup of coffee every day Or three times a day, could be the cause for your Swing moods. Muscles pain. Knees pain. Short term memory loss. Depression. Tiredness. Short of breath. Caffeine accelerates our nerves system.

Do yours critical thinking.

The time is NOW breaking away from these lawlessness that leads the family foundation to irreparable consequences. That leads the family foundation to dust. That leads this humanity for the loss of Honor. Health. Prosperity. Integrity.

The time is NOW for the culprits that comes from all background pay the consequences for their actions against the vulnerable as are The People. As is the family foundation. As are the vulnerable as women, and our youths.

Enough said.

Be it done!

Watch the movie:


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