New Moon Intentions and Manifestations

Our Intentions for this New Moon on the 17th of July of 2023, is for the Ending of Poverty. The Ending of homelessness. The Ending of ignorance. The Ending of struggling for the simple fact of exitance. The Ending of diseases. The ending of malice towards our people. The ending of power control towards our people. The ending from all manipulations and power struggling towards our people. The ending of someone else handling our financial affairs.

Enough with the horrific experiences within this physical realm that are ALL based on struggling for needs for survival.


We The people have spoken. So it is decided. So it is.

We want a New Beginning with maximum protection. We want a New Beginning with maximum prosperity. With maximum wealth. With maximum health. We want us all full of wisdom. Full of knowledge. Full of truth. Full of bravery. Full of courage. We want the Family Foundation be Restored. We want the best education for our children that would guide them well when are adults. We want the maximum protection for our children.

We want the best care for our elders. We want the best care for our animals. We want the best, healthy produce be produced. We want each one of our people BE nutritionally healthy minded.

We want us all be seriously responsible for our own BE’ing and DO’ing. Responsible for our own harmony. Responsible for our own inner peace. Responsible for the well- being of our own family. Responsible for our very own resources that are vital for exitance within our very own country. Within our very own nation. Within each nation from this earth.

We want No more scarcity. We want No more darken roads walking upon. We want us all walking upon that road full of lights that leads us towards liberation from slavery.

Success is ours. Triumph is ours. Liberation is ours!

Thank you Universe. Thank you. Thank you.

So be it
So be it
So be it

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