The Whole World Fits Into My Heart


The whole world fits into My Heart. The whole world, Universe, every human being, every animal, every stone, every seashell, every particle of sand, and the entire Kingdom of Heaven fit into My Heart. You are in My Heart.

All the everything created fits in My Heart. The world is a big place, and the world fits into My Heart. All that you perceive as out there happens within the dwelling place of My Heart. My Heart is a chalice with no top and no bottom. Everything thought or unthought fits in the sanctuary of My Heart.

Here is Vastness, and it fits into the cup of My Heart.

Here you are, secure in My Heart, and you wander something called miles, and you bump your head here and there, so real seems your wandering.

You may feel lost, and, yet, lost you cannot be, for, here you are, in the immediacy of My Heart. There is nowhere for you to fall. There is nowhere.

Love fills My Heart, and you reside in My Love. All My Love is yours. The entire Kingdom of Heaven is yours. You never left Heaven. You have never been anywhere else except in this dream that you live, in this dream that perplexes you, in this dream that you wander in.

Fearing the boundless, you seek to make boundaries in your life within a dream. You herd yourself into corrals called laws and rules. You resign yourself to them. You bemoan the loss of freedom, not knowing your own sovereignty.

You may feel fenced in, or you may believe you exist on an isolated island in the middle of nowhere. Of course, in Truth, there is no space for you to exist in, for space is an illusion that houses you.

Now We surpass the image of you in My Heart. My Heart is not an enclosed place, yet I can say that you fit into My Heart like a glove. Somehow, you want to get your mind away from the idea that boundlessness is a bigger space. Boundlessness is not so limited as space. The boundlessness of Vastness is your castle, so to speak.

Of course, there are no buildings being built in Vastness. Who would try to house Vastness when Vastness is beyond space or any kind of measurement? Measurements are too tiny a thing. Measurements mean to tidy up the Nothingness of Everythingness in neat rows.

In My Heart, in the Kingdom of Heaven, there are no pile-ups. Hearts become One United Heart, and, so, I can say We are One, One Love, One Heart That Beats for All. Ah, the rhythm of the Universe, of Existent, and the Non-Existent, and, yet, life and love are all over. Life and love are like a shining sword brandished everywhere even as there is no everywhere.

There is solely Infinity and Eternity, depending upon which side you look at it from. Of course, there are no sides. There are no boundaries. There is nothing to look at, and, yet, you roll over in a dream, and you see sights and you sail the seas or fly in the sky on wings. On wings of what? On the wings of eagles?

Angels? On the wings of butterflies? On the wings of fancy? Ah, on the wings of thought ever higher and higher, even though there are no heights to go up or down.

And, yet, you, who are love, reach out for love. You swim in love. You are immersed in love. Despite appearances, you cannot swim out of love. There is no out of it. No exit from love, for, in fact, you are Love Intact.


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