The Truth Would Set us Free









All Jews that are NOT, that are from Manhattan Island New York City

We the American people are more than distress with violations of international laws, and the laws of our country. Laws that we all must honor in order to maintain order of harmony, liberty, lawful-civil-natural protection, and peace.

We believe that those that do not honor those principals, those that violates them to harm others and suits themselves must be brought to full disclosure, and be liable, accountable and responsible for violations of laws, and for committing crimes of harming others directly or indirectly.

We do not consent of fuck heads as yourselves manipulating our laws that protects the American people, and international laws that protects humanity worldwide.

We the American people command that all those that wants to serve as public servants must know these laws, or be not holding such positions.

We the American people command the rule of law or death to those that violate them causing harm to others.

Ignorance is not a choice.


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