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October 5, 2016


If nature can find pleasure with simplicity… why not man with the RV ?


Dear Chosen Ones:

The above question is fair , yes? Why is nature pleased, but not man, with the simplicity of the RV? Why must we make things so hard? So complicated? So intense? So dire? That’s sooooooo Age of Pieces, no?


T2 redemption have ended this morning and preparations for T3 redemptions have already begun.

You friend are a T3 redeemer. And you are next.

ZIM holders will be first in due to that bond/currency’s unusually high convertible volume. And yes, it comes with four digit sovereign rates comfortably, and a three digit international value. Sobeit.

The Iranian Rial is in the first basket now and is comparable with three digit Iraqi Dinar sovereign rate , followed by the Vietnamese Dong (also 3 digit), Indonesian Rupiah (high two digit) and Afghanistan Afghan i (low two digit).

Here’s a little bonus intel–all currencies of the world are now officially in the first basket. Hmmmmm. Hey, per RayRen… I report, you decide:)

Neither NDAs nor structured payouts are no longer mandatory, yet should you desire to privately negotiate a higher sovereign rate in order to fund humanitarian and job creating projects, either domestically and/ or internationally, you will be offered a structured payout program and asked to sign an NDA. Both decisions, however, are of your sovereign free will choice.

For the very first time across every generation of your family’s genealogical history, you alone will have full control over your family’s financial destiny across many future generations, as well as your own personal net wealth.

In fact, all the intel today was so good, reality appears more like fantasy masquerading as insanity now . When in truth, our old reality was really insane, and fantasy is no comparison to our new reality. Bizarre.

Expect this to go down an any second after midnight tonight. Literally. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.


Keep in mind, sovereign nation revaluations for defaulted currencies /bonds has happened countless times throughout history, usually when the cabal’s fiat lies superseded precious metal realities and needed correction. That’s when the true, but silent , power-of-the-world
steps in and rights the ship by reconciling bad debt and issuing new assets, until that country is ready to be release d back into sovereign nation circulation. That’s exactly what’s happening now with Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

I suppose, ” It’s all just a little bit of history repeating .” ( )

The difference with this RV, circa 2016, is that all good standing sovereign countries of the world (209) are revaluing at the exact same moment in time –willingly–and all to a fair gold standard spot value now set in Asia (East) versus London (West). Plus, all sovereign nations of the world are in full agreement with one another per a signed internationally and binding treaty (Paris Agreement) with strict compliance reporting requirements.

This is why today’s announcement of the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change
as being ratified was so “Yuge.”

In case you missed it, President Obama made the long awaited ratification announcement (ushering the gold standard back into play for new Republic of the United States currency (USN/TRN) issued by the new Republic of the United States Treasury per the original Republic of United States Constitution). His speech was historic , yet subtle, as He disguised
the long awaited ” Gold Standard Announcement” in plain and open view for all the world to see, on videotape, and done willingly with no struggle. No drama. Just the plain truth. Easy.

Now there has been much discussion in past few days, weeks, months and years about what the RV might look like in this moment. How much will these currencies fetch? Sovereign rates versus international rates? NDA or no NDA? Structured payouts or straight liquidity percentages? All are valid questions. All are worthy of good answers. But all are just noise at the end of the day. Chaotic convolution. Needlessly complicated . Constant conundrums . Just difficult.


But I propose the RV is easy, simplicity personified … and here’s why…

What if I told you that your currency exchange sometime by the end of this week (you read that right) would be so simple, so clean, so abundant, so magnificent… it would change the way you viewed the world … forever?

It would also catapult your personal belief level in what was humanly possible? Maybe even demand that you forgave everyone about everything because your heart only held room enough for pure gratitude?

What if your exchanged replaced your broken heart for a healed one, like when you held your first child after birth or adoption? Or when you tasted the sweetness of your first kiss? Perhaps even that amazing moment today when the Paris Agreement was ratified, announced and immediately put into force–saving the world from absolute environmental and economic collapse?

These life altering, paradigm shifting moments are certainly different for everyone, but they all share two common truths–they are all unusually simple and totally unforgettable.

Just think about all these harmonious facts working in perfect concert at this hour …
• To set up your redemption appointment the banks are giving you will be give a toll free, 24 hour, 800# number; and given the rest of this month to attend your appointment…
• The redemption center you will be exchanging at is no more than 2 hours from your home, no matter where you live in North America…
• The professional staff working at your redemption center include bankers, estate planners, trust lawyers, accountants, family office reps, and even sudden wealth psychologists, who have all been trained for over a year to answer every question or concern you might have, while also processing your currency with state-of-the-art technology, speed, competence and efficiency…
• The foreign currency you are holding, and most likely bought off the Internet and delivered to your door, today has suddenly become gold backed and in need of immediate redemption–collateralized by an Ancient Asian funding source that you’ll never meet–and carries with it an internationally recognized value that is so abundant, it’s literally unmentionable in public places because it’s just too high for belief by current mass consciousness…
• The investment programs awaiting you will be offered without force, and come with compounding and annual interest rates that far exceed anything you’ve ever been exposed to financially, creating an infinite and sustainable funding cash flow without ever having to “earn profit” again…
• And the amount of liquidity you’ll instantly have access to will be your decision, and far, far greater than the entire worlds GDP, and well beyond the wildest figure your imagination can even concoct…
• And what if to accomplish this your heroic redemption task, each of you will have to spend less than six hours traveling, door to door, from the GPS of your current residence…
• Oh, and no one will be able to steal your funds and everyone you decide to bless with future funding can freely receive your heart’s deepest desire without limitation, anywhere in the world…
• And just for fun, your initial upfront investment exposure to arrive safely at such a divine moment of Heavenly Mana Harvesting has cost you less than the price of dinner at your favorite restaurant…

So humor me for like a whole second, to take a quick step back pre-RV and detach from all your suffering, all your waiting, all your anxious study and probing questions, all your internal and external squabbling with one another fighting for some kind of meaningful attention in this digital currency theater–to offer unconditional praise and thanks by surrendering to One Omnipotent and Loving God that Created us all equally

Can you say Hallelujah with me Brothers and Sisters! How about three? Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thank you!

Perhaps post-RV we will all find out that only love is real, not mo ney. And that deep love (
Kipona Aloha) is all will truly have for our fellow man, planet and all of His magnificent creations. One more Hallelujah ! ? Perfect:)

For you see, Chosen Ones, our deepest prayer s were answered simultaneously and before they ever left our lips, as both collectively and individually we now exist as One in some sacred , transcendary reality, so other worldly, so wondrous, so vast, so flan-tactic –the overwhelming majority of humanity has not even an inkling of what is occur ing at this hour … but we do… and we share in this divine RV moment because it’s both simple and unforgettable… and we were chosen by God to steward His mercy for others less fortunate.

The RV is God’s grace manifested.

The RV is God’s mercy personified.
The RV is God’s righteousness rewarded.
The RV is God’s innocence acknowledged.
The RV is God’s truth restored.
The RV is God’s joy experienced.
The RV is God’s genius simplified.
The RV is God’s love revealed.

Indeed, God has blessed us already … forHe loves us eternally … as God is with us always .

Aloha Ke Akua


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