Intel Report: George Webb=Deep State+ Impeachment Actors

thNavigate all the reporting from our outstanding journalist George Webb, where he has taking us to the source of corruption. This is huge, as just about all politicians, and or all government agency are all involve in it. The FBI+ and the CIA+ and the mafia from Ukraine, inclusive all government across the world, are all involve in the selling of nuclear weapon+ drugs+ and arms in order for them all making money while theirs people starve to death. They have plunder their own country for their own greed. These criminals have been protected by the local police, gangs, and of course the suppose protectors as are the above mentioned FBI,+ and CIA that both goes on disguising as public servants, when in truth they are a world wide affiliates mafia.

And because we do not want to miss anything from George, watch the second two videos with John. They are short videos, and they are worth watching for more tip bits! Also, and if you have time watch an old video from two years ago from George, where he is telling us how the CIA started, and how the horrific crimes of killing+ and trafficking+ and selling our children started by the same criminals. It is jaws dropping. Keep in mind that the more we all know, the better for everyone. And know that this will all pass, and the restoration of our country would be a done deal, same as world wide.

Be it done. = the bomb

More about George Webb outstanding journalism:

Continuing coverage: this posting


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