Intel Report: The Uranium 1 Trial with George Webb

fullsizeoutput_19caWhile we are being distracted by the impeachment of POTUS, behind the scenes is the real thing. Uranium 1 Trial that is all about the biggest cover up of all times, where the plan was perhaps destroy the country of The United States. 20 thousand nuclear warheads coming from Russia to our country+ Urinko/Urenko, which is the most powerful power player in the world. In fact, all that has to do with energy it must go through Urenko. They handle all that has to do with Uranium!

And guess who are the most powerful players here? Well, nothing more than the British, the Dutch, and Germany. Actually the owners are all zionists Jews with their CIA+ and M1 through M16 protectors, or= the same mobs. The same ones that wants to put a nuclear plant on every city of our country+ and on every mayor city of all nations. This has been always the plan.

We guess they wanted blow up the entire planet. Just ask ambassador Bill Taylor and family that are one of the biggest culprits within Urenko for generations. They are part of the real globalists zionists Jews+ along with zionists Muslims+ CHINA. They are the real DEEP STATE. The ones that think our country is a corporation, and so are its people. And this apply to all nations of this planet.

Just about every politician is involve in Uranium 1 within this country+ and worldwide. Keep in mind that it is here where they make their money through money laundering any which way. In fact, all wars are all about energy. About plundering countries for this specific reason, and without regards. All this is done for their own power struggles, and greed. However, now that the cat is out of the box, they want to attack anyone, and or all that they see fit for distraction.

We say to these demonic whores, “Our country, The United States is not for sale! The American people need not be dealing with those that no longer serve their useful purpose. Be gone. Be cease and desist!” So be it.

NOTE: Keep in mind that this does not apply to the goods Jewish+ and good Muslims people on this planet. We are specifically speaking of some really dangerous people that main aim is that of doing evil. The ones that disguise as religious good doers when we know well they are NOT.

Learn more by watching George Webb videos whereas he is the only one covering this event. = the bomb

More about George Webb outstanding journalism: this posting

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