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Take time for watching these videos for your own awareness of what it is taking place within our country, and worldwide. DO your due diligence for educating yourselves because a well educated people, no one but no one take advantage of. Empower yourself to the fact that we, the American people are not going being anyone sheeps to play game with. To the contrary, we are becoming so empower that we are going to play the GAME for fucking winning BIG!

We are winning!







There is no coincidence


FOR now think that we have the most powerful militia: military in the world, and guess what, they work for us: we work together. NO, our military does not work for demons crooks as it used to be… that is over, and if there are a few black hats around, we say, “your time is up!”

Many people think that the storm is going to happen some time in the future, no, the storm is now! One need be focus for really take note of: be heart center that our country is the most powerful country in the world, and it is the foundation: example for the rest of the world! And economically, we rock!

We have all the money…, and yes our lives will be much better than we have all ways imagine. TRUST THE PLAN… Pray. organize in communities. Take control of your church… turn everything around to: for helping the community: each other. REMEMBER that we are the power that be. DO NOT allow for your ecclesia: church being a corporation where any foreign agent have the “say.” Fuck them. That is OVER! Be not naive, as these traitors call pastors are working for SATAN, and could care less about us. We do not need a pastor for us reading the bible OR navigate the fire within our hearts, do we? NO we do NOT. GET someone from the same community that have the same goals as all for being your spoke person… not a leader because you are all leaders= ONE. Leave your inflated ego behind, but do not be stupid either.

This apply worldwide.

BE in nature: watch what you ingest… Be a custodian for our earth; each other…, all the creation.

Protect and guide your children well: teach them that they are just perfect the way the creator intended them being= male: female. Have them honor who they are, and do not allow for any predator to infringe that honor. Report anyone that is teaching sexual immorality to your children directly OR indirectly: and keep your children away from the fucking television and all other harmful technology. HAVE your children play in nature: get muddy…, have them discover the power they have within: are born with: intuition: imagination… DO NOT vaccinate your children! Have fun with your children, enjoy them lovingly always.

ALERT: do not bring your children to school the day that the demons that are controlling the public school system until now, are forcing the children to participate in propagandas for them to use as a GAME for a purpose. THIS soon would be OVER, meanwhile protect your children from these actions. IT is a trap!

AND do not forget your guns, for using only in case of extreme emergency when predators threaten our lives, and our love ones. AND remember that we are liable, accountable, and responsible for our own actions, no exceptions. Be in the awareness that evil do exists, and that predators comes from all walks of life, no exceptions.

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Video 2

Video 3

AND if have time watch this video too!

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