People, are you ready for your dancing shoes? Well, you better be because those that did us so much harm are all round up+ ready for their well deserve Military Tribunals OR being kill. Further, the list is ongoing getting longer and longer each passing day.

Many people are asking why the Military? Well, for answering your question, our military works for us the people: For they are working together with us, the militia= the people protecting us+ our country. NO, our military is not being rescued any longer for: By the demons that for much too long were eliminating the creation. Our military is: Are warriors for peace that as well can kill you for their: Our defense and protection for our country+ our people+ the creation. Read:

Military Tribunals because the corruption is so immense+ the court we know as “our court” are the main perpetrators due that all along they were disguising as the peoples courts when the facts are they are corporal courts working against our country+ our people+ along with the BAR in violations for all our standing laws that protect us against, + committing all  hideous crimes against our people, inclusive denying us our God-giving lawful rights for owning our own homes= property ~ – = For these high ranking criminals= foreign agents [demons] created the mortgage fraud for issuing bonds together with associations= land grab= mobil homes parks, + Jail for profit, + selling= killing our children+ adults for organs profits+ eating their flesh+ murdering sacrifices+ for carnal pleasures,+ diminishing= degenerating the youth with sexual immoralities, etc…

Read: ~ – = For these foreign agents incorporated every piece of land we ever owed+ even our counties+ cities+ even our names for them doing whatever they wish> literally they declared themselves our owners through nothing more than identity theft+ malfeasance+ commercial fraud of which THE STATE is main Perpetrator. ~ – = For they thought they could take= erase our Organic Republic: Our God giving Organic land for our people.

~ – = FOR the corporal courts are buried+ the BAR. Navigate:

AND changing the subject let our courageous independent journalists keep you update with the latest development for what is being transpiring all national+ international.

We also like mentioning that independent journalists like for example David Seaman have gone through many challenges for spreading the facts of what is, something that the stream media do not do cause they as well are part of the corruption= telling lies for the American people in order for keeping us all ignorants+ stupid.

: Disgusting whores, your time is UP.

We are posting something someone wrote about David Seaman for example on Facebook. This we know being true+ like David, many journalists have been fired+ many lost their lives for telling the facts to the American people, like for example, Seth Rich.


Meet David Seaman, a young man with outstanding credentials for “True Journalism.” David has gone through many challenges during his young age for being a true journalist reporting the facts: Digging deep the real truth for us being inform… Inclusive for almost even being kill by the demons in DC, which by the way, they killed his best friend, then. David was ONE of the first ones to go public on Pedogate= the destruction= murdering of our children by the same people we thought we trust! Literally he put his life on the line for exposing: Bringing those demons out from the closet!

At first everyone thought he was insane: But then the American People were with jaws dropped…

Thank you David, we’ll never forget this!

He does have lots of Courage, and funny enough when he found out the real facts of what it is taking place= the final stage of what it is manifesting worldwide: He GOT drunk on one of his videos for the entire world to watch [Lol… we would have done the same thing]. He told the American people, “Go and enjoy your country…, the party is OVER for all those insane fu**ers that have been manipulating us all along: The ones that want us ALL dead…”

In other videos he destroyed Goggle+ Twitter+ Youtube CEOs when they deleted all his videos with hundred thousands followers.

David have started his own journalism room, where he has an entire staff. It is call FULCRUM News from Washington. You can also find him on GAB, that is the next Facebook= he is the CEO+ more!

David was once an employee for the notorious Huffington Post OR was it Washington Post= owner is “you know who” = Amazon demon Jeff Bezos. They fired David for telling the truth to the people, inclusive deleting his entire publications from existence!

Right now David is hiring those that wish join him for true journalism in the DC area.

David is an inspiration for us all… And he is only 32 years old!
Go David go!

Watch these videos from his daily report from Washington.

More from David here: News  where he does daily videos reports+ Blog=

… And those that are destroying our youth: Our children[+down] all over the world. For is everyone responsibility protecting our children worldwide. < For those that died exposing these worldwide hideous crimes are our heroes. >

Further we like for you watching more from other outstanding independent journalists below:

+ here= Isaac Green

We also like informing that those that have had recently: Have pending fraud at the corporal courts relating stealing private property= violating contracts+ Jailing our people for profit+ connected with their local police+ lobbyists+ condominiums associations boards members+ mobil homes parks,+ city mayors+ the BAR doing racketeering with ALL perpetrators against our people> you better work out your issues because we are coming for you [Do you know where Guantanamo prison is?] For you know who you are. Further, for all those that concern: Do not fuck with our children because we would destroy you without mercy.

And about chem-trails, we know for a fact that order has been giving to stop the insanity or die.

And for all trolls= Stop. Stop. Stop.


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~ the people




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