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:DEEP STATE [the demons from the deep rooted worldwide swamps+ CIA+ the Deep Church Mafia]> the ones that steal people’s identity for financial gain [Identity theft.+> Crime of TREASON= the highest crime in the universe punishable with death]. For writing bonds= racketeering= Commercial fraud+ malfeasance.

The ones that have all private contracting companies= black operations stealing children [CPA=child protecting services+ PP= Plan Parenthood> etc.>]+> Immigration laws that allows them kidnapping children @the BORDER that have been previously kidnapped from all over the world>>so they can feed the demons from the United States.+> Using them for child labor camps+> having many of these children held within closed down Walmart stores [ONE example of many]+= as a commodity for them writing bonds [identity theft].+= SAME as jailing the adults for profit.+ Same as mortgage fraud.+ Same as 9/11> etc. [using our people for profit all ways OR killing them for cashing insurance policies at will].+ Inclusive profiting from the multimillion dollar empire that is the de-generation of our youth+ adults.+> The Border being the most advanced highway for trafficking drugs+ arms+ bringing into our country the most violent trained terrorists groups[criminals] from all over the world for them helping with the destruction of our country+> the killings of our people.+> ALL= harvesting human energy [Slavery of our humanity for profit. A covert+ overt worldwide terrorist enterprise]. ~ – = For they are the ones that every government agency national+ international= corporations> etc.+> that have THE USA+ US mark on it are involve with all the above. No exception.

: For they are the ones that follow no laws except their own “say and do.” They are the fuckwits that have no common sense. The intellectuals that have no regards for our country.+> And that calls our people “piece of shit+ uneducated.” +> Having their corporal local terrorists police mobs invading+ violating our public+ private lives [extortion+ subjugation+ subordination+ belittling].+> killing our people.

:For they are the ones that pay “top dollars” for their long lists of propagandists so call journalists[lobbyists whores] for them to spread: Create Fake News [lies] for the American people so we could never know the real facts about them committing hideous crimes against the people [keeping us entertained]> same as with sports+ with Satanists Hollywood.

~ – = For who is  NXIVM?

~ – = For who is Janet Napolitano?

~ – = For who is Dennis Burke?

~ – = For who is Saint Jude Hospital?

~ – = For who is the Boston Children Hospital?

~ – = For what is Fast and Furious?

~ – = For who are the Talmud= Jesuits satanist zionists jews+ Quran=Islam= Muslims satanist fuckwits that along with the Chinese demons mobs are the perpetrators for fascism+ oligarchies+ satanism+ luciferianism+ capitalism+ communism that have each destroyed our planet almost completely. Judaism is zionism. Islam is zionism. Both Islam+ Judaism are from the same tree. They are the ones that highjacked the Christian faith, and now they formed the crypto Jews= crypto people against the creation. Crypto means a group of people from all background with an agenda. This does not include the good jews+ muslims+ christians people.

~ – = For who are the Dragon Dynasty from China? The communist China that has been using the American people [each single American] as registered corporations for them using for their own pleasure+ in violation for all common+ natural law. ~ – = For the BAR+ the Banking cartels+ the corporal court system knows this.

~ – = For the people[+ the American people] are not public properties.








: This is the BIG DEAL:

: Zionist Fascist America while we sleep.

: Everybody making money from our own essence[energy] while we are starving to death. ~ >> Hardly making it to next day.

: The destruction of our youth for profit. 

: The destruction of our people for profit.

: The destruction for all living systems from our planet earth for profit.: Selling our country the United States of America+ its people to foreign investors.+> Selling uranium to the Russians+[all approved by the Satanists traitor’s liar’s fucking gold diggers Jewish foreign agents employees from the allege DOJ+ CIA+ FBI+ Supreme Court+ IRS+ the Chinese+ Federal Reserve banking cartels= private corporations that along with the Demons-cratic Nazis+ the accomplice delusional congress+= all NOT working in the best interest for the American people.+> Being all owners: stock holders for child labors camps in Idaho> etc.].+> Then the Russians sells the uranium to the fuckwits Iranians demons turbans lords [for they are satanists zionists jews mixed with the satanist zionists Arabs from Islam that highjacked the Iranian government from their people. >Then Iran expand to vulnerable Syria?

: WW3 is planned but their plan failed!

: Traitors everywhere. Everywhere traitors. Despicable liars[conmen+ women] that would blame anyone else but themselves for their own hideous perpetrated crimes.

: These are the ONES [corporations] the American people wants destroy. Cease+ desist. Dismantle. Buried. Drain perpetuity due the fact that [we the people= the governed] have the absolute rights for destroying what no longer serves us= +>  What no longer serves the greatest good. ~>> For all that was taking from the people+> return for the people.

~ – = For we the American people are the employers for all “government agencies” that serves us= work for us>> Not the other way around.+>> For we the American people need not be in competitions ever again with foreign entities that masquerade as our lawful government+> inclusive corporal courts+ with all its foreign agents combined. +~>> the Chinese. The Federal Reserve. The BAR.

~ – = For we the American people are commanding: Demanding the immediate shutting down any system[the system] that gives access for these criminals possessing. Trading. Profiting from our NAMES> = Violating: Committing crimes of [Treason] with Originals Trusts Accounts (( private states)) that do not belongs for them using for fucking wars+> them creating all unimaginable chaos in order for them continuing using these private accounts that are unfettered for their own gain. ~>> For they well know this is the BIG SECRET they did not want us knowing. ~ – = For they well know that these accounts are: were created when we are born for us all doing our daily business: supply our daily needs.

~ – = For destroy: Cease. Desist the criminal. Zionists [terrorists Jewish control] Social Security Administration agency.

~ – = Bastards. Stupid. Order Taker. Freemason 33 degree of faggotry. Fuckery. Black Magicians. Douche Bags. Liars. Degenerated. Ignoramus. Mafioso. Chinese Agents. Asshole. Thugs. Demons. Baby Killers. Bitches. Whores. Mental Illness. Valueless. Bullies. Turds. Eat a bag of dicks zionists faggotards. Satanists Luciferian Worshippers. Talmud Fake Jews. The BAR. Vermin In Black Suits. (((The all politicians fake Jews Jesuits+ Chinese mobs corporal empire that only aim has been screwing the American people ))).> THE. STATE. USA. US. ~ – = For the American people never each personally gave any corporal government agency: Government employees the authority for them handling our private personal financial affairs. For we did not consent then. Nor. Now. ~- = For we each individually have no contract with any government employee: Agency for them managing our financial affairs. ~ – = For we each individually govern ourselves. ~ – = For we each are responsible for our own Be’ing+ Do’ing. ~ – = For we each need Not beg anyone for what it is rightfully already ours from our Creator. ~ – = For it is do the insanity from intellectuals whores like yourselves that most people are malnourish+ living on the streets all across the world [for the people can not afford being poor from their daily needs any longer].+> Nor other creatures. ~ – = For Fuck off from our Originals Private Trusts Accounts. ~ – = For we are more than sick from fuckwits like yourselves that have no authority over us! ~ – = For we want freedom! ((Thank you for nothing)). Be. Gone.

~ – = For we the American people are commanding: Demanding the release for all detainees in jail that are there for profit immediately without prejudice.+> Inclusive those in jail with false accusations from domestic+ foreign agents when used THEIR own accessible[original] private trusts accounts for them meeting their needs> OR do whatever they wished doing with their funds= Money that is available within their accounts at will >> from Zero Point of all that is.

~ – = For we the American people are commanding: Demanding the release for all children that are being separated from their parents.+> Return with their parents immediately without prejudice+> recompense for the Phsycological damages that are being done to them+> their parents. 

~ – = For we the American people are commanding: Demanding the shutting down CPA+ PP Immediately with prejudice+>> and without prejudice.+>> Return Children to family members.

~ – = For we the American people are commanding: Demanding the immediate access for our Original Private Trust Accounts without prejudice.+ – The infringements on our physical+ intellectual properties+ – the playing around with our hearts+ our minds.

~ – = For we the American people are commanding: Demanding the building for the wall across the border+> or the highest security.

~ – = For all trespassers Be return to the country they came from+ inclusive sending a warning letter for the government from such country.

~ – = For if anyone wishes coming to our country= do it the lawful way.

: For ALL criminal’s traitors. Tyrants. Pirates. Pedogate.+= The American people are commanding: Demanding them all be execute with full extent for the law.

WWG1WGA + = MAGA+ MEGA+= Universal Clean Up= Love

: For the storm is here.

: For the party is OVER!

: Enjoy the show.

: Where is Gitmo? 

: Death penalty.

: Enjoy the PAIN for all those that apply.

: Let Responsibility+ Freedom Ring!





























































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~ the people


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