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January 12, Trump has trolled the media once again to incite the implosion of MSM and expose the REAL sh_t: Clinton/Bush/Obama destruction of Haiti and other 3rd world nations in order to harvest their children, natural resources and to enact globalist medical genocide on their people.

UPDATE: watch video below

NOTE FOR OUR PEOPLE:  pray: cry: laugh aloud… It is alright!  Keep in mind that we are winning this evil war: that happy times are at our door steps… ~- = FOR we are being protect! Have courage: Make a difference: FOR we are consciously united as ONE in love for all the existence…

FOR raising your vibration listen the next video below:

AND we quote:

Love without courage is not love

Make the existing great again, = MEGA

Make America great again, = MAGA MEGA

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~ the people





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