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As promised, here is Part 2 to yesterday’s post.

At the risk of being too redundant, all of the Ending the Curse Against America posts will come with this same intro I wrote for part 1 because I feel it is worth repeating each time.

Without further ado…

With “thanksgiving” coming up in a week I’ve decided that it’s time to share some True American History…

Personally, I will not be observing “thanksgiving” as this is a false holiday and, if you read the history provided in these blogs, you’ll see that this fake holiday/ritual stands as an ongoing insult to the memory of our ancestors (across all races and colors). Part 2 is especially informative on this front.

The following blog and associated articles contain literally hundreds of links to primary source legal documentation, which places them among the most well-researched pieces on American History one is likely to find anywhere, as most other history we learn in school mostly comprises of conjecture and opinion without reference to such valuable sources.

This comes from the Ucadia blog, which is associated with Ucadia and One-Heaven. To learn more about One Heaven and Ucadia, check out their section on my blog... or better yet… simply click on the links above and start exploring! In a nutshell: Ucadia is a complete model of society and all that comes with it, and I assure you that there is nothing else like it on the whole planet…

We’ll speak more about these matters in the coming days, weeks, months, and even years…


True History of America Part 2 (1840-1939): The False God of Perpetual War


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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Wednesday 16th July 2014 and many thanks to all of you who are taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog for this week being the second of a three part series on the true history of the law and the “behind the scenes” formation of the United States of America.  This second part today is entitled the “True History of America Part 2 (1840-1939): The False God of Perpetual War”.

Before we start the blog and audio for this week, I’d like to repeat what I first did last week and briefly cover a few points for all who come to read and listen to the first blog and audio from last week and now this blog and audio:


  1. The first point I want to cover is to urge each and everyone to first read and listen to the blog from last week entitled the “True History of America Part 1 (1666-1840): The Curse against the Patriots”.  If it takes a bit of time to get through it all and review the links to prima facie and irrefutable evidence then don’t worry. Because, if you don’t take the time to read and listen to the first blog and audio of this three part series, then what I will be covering tonight will not be as clear as it needs to be.  There is so much to cover in such a short time that I simply am not able to repeat each and every point I made last week. So please, I urge each and everyone who comes to this blog and audio to read the first part of the series.


  1. The second point I wish to mention is a reinforcement of a fundamental element I mentioned last week being my complete respect of the American people and my total admiration of the integrity of the American dream. This is because there is absolutely nothing to justify the questioning of the integrity or historic ideals memorialized within the Declaration of Independence. Nor is there anything I have discovered in my decades of reading and research to suggest that those men who gave up their lives fighting against the Red Army of the United Company of Merchants were anything other than true heroes and American patriots. Certainly those ten thousand martyrs betrayed by the sociopathic mercenary leader of the Blue Army of the United Company of Merchants and then murdered by the Red Army of the United Company of Merchants deserve to have their day of remembrance restored, instead of their memory being cursed and disgraced every year by a celebration of eating turkey.

As for the American Dream, I think it is one of the greatest utopian gifts of humanity and despite the trickery, the deception by the bankers and their allies to all of us, there is no good reason to justify sacrificing the idea that Life is a Dream that we can strive to make better.

  1. The third point I wish to mention before we start is the fact that no one has anything to fear – even those who have spent their lives defending the status quo. The first people the Private Bar Guild deceives are their own members. Every elite secret society and occult fraternity believes they and they alone hold the secrets to the true history of the world – when absolutely none of them do, because all of them have been tricked in some way by the very design of a system to keep people separated, distracted and in many respects ignorant of the past. The truth is educating ourselves of the evidence and seeing it for what it is – without embellishment, or wild conjecture.

There is no need for conspiracy theories or presumptions. If there is no evidence, then there is no evidence.  Yet, as you hopefully discovered in the blog and audio last week, when one looks forensically and diligently at all the facts, there is no shortage of evidence as to the true history of the United States of America and the forces that have influenced its growth – most notably the American people themselves.

For whatever we find, there is one consistent and irrepressible inspiration from all of this – that the American people have risen time and time again to overcome, to adapt and to uphold the dream of a better world, a fairer world. So with these points in mind, lets start with some background first that we did not have time to cover in more detail last week, namely the United States of the Netherlands and the connection to the founding of the United States of America.

The United States of the Netherlands and the United States of America

Last week, I mentioned how bright and brave men were tricked and distracted by a deliberate program to re-write the models of history through the promotion of romantic and high sounding ideals, that did not necessarily reflect the truth of history, nor the reality of the world. The “Law of Nations” by Emerich de Vattel was one such example we discussed.

To demonstrate the point, I also provided links to some of the treaties formed with Great Britain as part of the Grand Luciferian Alliance from 1666.  One of those participants in the alliance was the 13 states of the Dutch Republic which existed from 1581 until internal revolutions ousted the merchant elite in 1794 and a true democratic republic was temporary installed in 1795, which then lasted until around 1806.

As I am sure many of you know, the Dutch and in particular the Dutch East India Company or “VOC” also had a long history associated with the colonization of America, in particular the Island of Manhattan on which they founded a large fortified settlement in 1612 on the southern end of the Island which they called New Amsterdam. The northern fortified wall of this private commercial venture crossing on Manhattan Island is approximately the same path as Wall Street today – thus Wall Street literally remains a symbol of the original private ownership of Manhattan Island by these Dutch merchant families.

In any event, the English and the Dutch did not always exactly get along and the basis of some of the treaties mentioned in 1666 were in part an answer to the most bloody conflicts between the Dutch and the English over the previous two years, in which the English seized control of New Amsterdam and renamed it New York in 1665 in honor of future King James II of England, then Duke of York.

Now the reason I am going back to this history of New Amsterdam, aka New York, is that there are a number of loose ends concerning the history of these elite Dutch families that made their money through the hugely wealthy Dutch East India Company and its key role in the global drugs trade of opium and hashish and cocaine as well as total dominance of the slave trade – especially African slaves. These loose ends as you will see in a moment are a crucial part of the puzzle in understanding the events in America from 1840 to the 20th Century.

First, the level of conflict between the Dutch and the English appears to have been deliberately overstated, when in effect there were several skirmishes and only two occasions of limited aggression, the first being 1664 to 1665 causing around 10,000 casualties between both sides and between 1672 to 1673 causing less than 3,000 casualties. Compared to the wars with France and other powers, these casualties are some of the smallest wars in European history. For example, there were more than 8,000,000 casualties during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) in the same century.  The point I am making is that despite the best efforts to paint a difficult relationship, the Dutch and the English were close – as evidenced by the Articles of Peace and Alliance in 1666, the Articles of Navigation and Commerce in 1666, the Maritime Treaty of 1674 that for the first time created the concept of Passports and extended International Admiralty Law across lands and sea; the Treaty of Peace of 1686 that held both countries had to return the private property of one another prior to the earlier conflicts, such as New Amsterdam, aka New York, and the new Treaty of Navigation and Commerce in 1686.


Second, last week I mentioned the United Company of Merchants, also known as the East India Company, was the largest and most powerful multi-national corporation of the world in the 18th Century. That statement is true in respect to the very end of that Century, but not necessarily for the period prior to the foundation of the United States of America. Instead, there existed a huge rival multi-national corporation that had no such problem with profit – in fact it was arguably the most profitable company in history worth approximately 78 million Dutch Gold Guilders in 1637 or approximately $8 trillion in 2014 US Dollars. Whereas, this company shipped millions of tons of goods, people and slaves from its foundation in 1602 to its sudden and mysterious disappearance by 1796, the United Company of Merchants only managed less than a third of that volume. Whereas this company commanded no less than 5,000 ships before this massive shipping and naval fleet appeared to vanish from the view of history overnight, the British could only ever count for less than a quarter of this number of ships. The name of the company was of course the Dutch East India Company and the key to its phenomenally successful Business Model rested on controlling the world markets of four key commodities –narcotics, slavery, military weapons and mineral exploration, supported by its business partner the Bank of Amsterdam.

Incidentally, you may recall last week I expressed the fact that the slave trade from Africa to America did not commence until after the War for Independence ended. What I didn’t do was give you legislative proof of the fact that the slave trade did not start till 1783. While the Royal African Company was recognized in an act of parliament in 1752 (25Geo2.c.40), the very first act explicitly regulating the African slave trade passed by Westminster was in 1788 (28Geo3.c.54) then 1789 (29Geo3.c.66), 1790 (30Geo3.c.33), 1791 (31Geo3.c.54) and (31Geo3.c.55), 1792 (32Geo3.c.52), 1793 (33Geo3.c.73), 1794 (34Geo3.c.80), 1795 (35Geo3.c.90), 1796 (36Geo3.c.118) and (36Geo3. c.119), 1798 (38Geo3.c.80) and 1799 (39Geo3.c80).

As for claimed evidence as various statutes such as the alleged Virginia Slave Code of 1705 and Slave Trade ledgers in places such as South Carolina, I put it to you that great effort has been made to allege the founding American people complicit and willing participants in a barbaric trade, by both obscuring the origins of the Dutch and English slave traders and when the African slaves began being shipped to North America en masse.  In the end, it is up to you to decide what is true or false.

The third point of mystery about the Dutch is that virtually everything about the first Dutch Republic is obscured with confusion and contradictory claims. For example, prior to Prince William 5th of Orange (1748-1806) seeking political asylum in London by 1794 along with the head of the Bank of Amsterdam named Meyer Rothschild, we know that the Republic was made up of thirteen states. We know they were called States, because Prince William was called the States-General and the word State is referenced with these various places through hundreds of thousands of texts.  From North to South, the original 13 states of the Republic appear to have been: Frisia with its capital Emden, Ommelanden with its Capital Groningen, Friesland with its capital Leeuwarden, Drenthe with its capital Assen, Overijssel with its capital Zwolle, Amsterdam with its capital Haarlem, Holland with its capital The Hague, Utrecht with its capital Utrecht, Gelderland with its capital Arnhem, Rotterdam with its capital Rotterdam, Zeeland with its capital Middleburg, Brabant with its capital Breda and Vlaanderen with its capital Bruges. Yet what is even stranger is the obscurity with its name. Various texts called the Republic the United Netherlands and some even the United Provinces, when none of the states were called provinces but States. So what could possibly be the motive for hiding the original name of the United States of Netherlands?

Well, we can clear up one mystery regarding what happened to the 5,000 or so merchant vessels and military ships of the Dutch East India Company from 1795 when an act was passed (35Geo3.c.56) which in the last half of it granted Dutch merchants involved in sea trade the right to reside in British dominions, pay no duty, purchase estates and carry on their business as Denizens. In the same year yet another act was passed (35Geo3.c.62) where the Postmaster General of Great Britain assumed the duties and obligations of Post of the exiled Dutch Republic as well as the continuation of Dutch financial transactions of entities and companies and banks that were supposed to have vanished into thin air.  Why is this important? Because this act effectively makes the Post Office the bridge between an old world of the United States of the Netherlands and the Bank of Amsterdam and whatever these entities and their merchant owners became. Without such a statute, 90% or more of the business of these merchant families would have ceased as everything about contracts, bills, demands, writs and notes needed the Post.

Now, yet another act favoring the Dutch was passed in the year 1795 (35Geo3.c.80), which deserves special mention, because this act is unlike anything ever passed by Westminster before or since. Without granting a charter or creating a company, this particular act effectively permits the Dutch merchants to land goods and by default slaves on British soil and continue their business, free of duties as well as import their own personal goods and valuables including gold and valuables to dominions of Great Britain without risk of seizure or taxes or duties, providing they intended to remain as residents- not citizens but Denizens or strangers of no particular religion.

By no particular religion, I am referring to families who saw themselves and still see themselves as neither Christian or Muslim or Quaker or even Jewish for that matter – but whatever is convenient. Since instilling themselves within the fabric of the British Empire, it has sometimes suited them to be known as Protestant or Jewish and more recently even as Muslim. But trying to label them as one or the other religion does no service to clarity and in fact many times allows the spin doctors hired by these immensely wealthy families to claim they are victims of an unjust witch hunt based purely on bigotry.

In any event, in 1796, in the same year that Great Britain recognized the integrity of the United States (36Geo3.c.97) the British confirmed through an act of parliament (36Geo3.c.63) the exiled Dutch merchants the unprecedented right to register their vessels as British ships and continue in their merchant businesses without the United Company of Merchants being able to interfere with them.

Now, I have studied the Acts of Westminster and the Congress of the United States and Canada and Australia and several other nations, and these mentioned acts are unprecedented as they literally permit another nation – a nation formed of merchants and bankers to continue as themselves like some organized network of parasites within the host. Quite simply, I have never seen anything like it at any other time in history. It mean the elite Dutch families would have been able to ship the thousands of tons of gold to any dominion of Great Britain and move en masse to key ports and maintain their trade of slavery, narcotics and spices, minerals and gems as well as arms sales. But where did they go?

Well, the heads of the former Bank of Amsterdam moved to Britain and London to become the parasites within the Bank of England, itself a parasite living off the host of the British Empire.  The 13 original Dutch merchant families of the former 13 States of the United States of the Netherlands moved primarily to Boston New York and proceeded to transform the Bank of New York from a small colonial bank to an International Global Financial Powerhouse later to transform in part to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York by 1913 that today handles more than US $1.1 trillion in fund transactions per day and holds just under US$1 trillion in Gold Reserves. The Dutch families also facilitated the establishment of the State Street Corporation in Boston and today managing over US $30 trillion in assets. The former shareholders of the Dutch East India Company also established the Bank of the Manhattan Company known today as JPMorgan Chase with assets of over US $3 trillion. By 1799, the Dutch successfully purchased Manhattan Island which became the private property of the Manhattan Company.

Thus, by 1799 the families of the Dutch East India Company and their Business Model of narcotics and pharmaceuticals, of mining and chemicals, of slavery and banking and arms dealing and perpetual war became the parasite known as Wall Street living within the host known as the United States of America.

Now, some of you by now who are reading this blog and hearing this audio may once again find your heads spinning and I apologize for that.  There is a huge amount to absorb. Some may still be unconvinced by the overwhelming forensic and prima facie evidence we have presented so far, much less the additional evidence I will be sharing.

Whatever your feeling and however you are taking the information we have been discussing so far, I hope you will persist in finishing listening to this blog and reading this article because now we are ready to discuss the events leading up to the Civil War as well as after the Civil War in a better context.

The Banking Wars 1812-1913

Let us summarize what we now know as to the various competing groups embedded into the fabric of the United States of America leading toward 1812 and what I have now described as a period of perpetual banking wars:

(1) The Crown of Great Britain – This is the first party that we see through statute and will see again in statute shortly, that never surrendered its claims to absolutely own the land known as North America; and

(2) The Bank of England – We see the Bank of England seeking to protect its interests through the US Treasurer of the Navy (Admiralty) and in particular its desire to install and control a central bank, beginning with the First Bank of the United States from 1791 to 1811 and then a second hard fought battle for a new Central Bank from 1816 to 1836; and

(3) The United Company of Merchants – Holding the leases over the traditional plantations of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia and Rhode Island, which it was forced to cede to the Dutch merchants; and

(4) Wall Street – Being the private nation, banks and corporations of the Manhattan Company and the continuation of the Dutch East India Company and completely opposed to the encroachment and power of the Bank of England and the United Company of Merchants; and

(5) The American People – Who continued to seek freedoms and prosperity and the fulfilment of the Dream of the Declaration of Independence midst these commercial monsters and special interests.

Let me continue then with an overlay of the continuing battle of the Crown and Westminster to enforce its authority over the United States of America as was then resisted by both the American People and of course Wall Street.

Now in the previous blog and audio, we discussed the creation of the model of Upper Canada and Lower Canada in 1791 (31Geo3.c.31). I also shared, that in the case of Lower Canada, such statutes and regulations were largely ignored. So when the First Central Bank ceased to operate in 1812 and discontinued, thanks to immense pressure by Wall Street, the British were incensed and some may recall the infamous attacks launched against the City of Washington and subsequent trade embargoes until a shaky peace was re-established by 1816.  Yet by 1825 a new act was established creating the Canada Company (6Geo4.c.75) in order to give specific powers and control over a body to counteract Wall Street. Those powers were expanded in 1828 (9Geo4.c.51) and again in 1856 (19&20Vict.c.23).

Another punishment and control from the Crown of England and Westminster was the perpetual issue of land ownership leading up to the Civil War. There were a series of acts permitting the Canada Company and the officials of Upper and Lower Canada to sell crown land, also known as the “Clergy Reserves” as in 1827 (7&8Geo4_c62), 1831 (1&2Will4.c.20), 1840 (3&4Vict.c.78) and 1853 (16&17Vict.c.21).

But what is also in evidence by the various acts of Westminster is the frustration at the stubbornness of the leaders of the United States of America at the time and indeed the American People at steadfastly refusing to bow to England and the Bank of England. This is evident in various acts trying to reign in and disavow acts that the Crown of Great Britain considered repugnant or a usurping of their authority such as in 1838 (1Vict.c.9) and 1839 (2&3Vict.c.53) resulting finally in the union of Upper and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada in 1840 (3&4Vict.c.35) and reinforced again with an act in 1848 (11&12Vict.c.56). Westminster even demanded in 1849 that the United States as Lower Canada, address its jurisdictional issues at the new courts of Vancouver Island (12&13Vict.c.48) following the Oregon Treaty of 1846, similar to an act in 1791 for Upper Canada in the creation of the superior courts on Newfoundland Island (31Geo3.c.29). After the Civil war we see the creation of the Dominion Government of Canada in 1867 (30&31Vict.c.3) and amended in 1871 to define the provinces within the Dominion of Canada (34&35Vict.c.28).

One of the classic examples of the stubbornness and willingness of American Leaders to thumb their nose at the continued English claims to America was the true Thirteenth Amendment banning foreign titles or foreign influence on domestic officials which was passed by the 11th Congress in 1810 as evidenced by the 1850 official publication of the Statutes at Large for the United States of America; and then ratified by 1811 by all States except New York and Rhode Island (not surprisingly) and Connecticut as evidenced by the report by James Monroe reprinted in the 1834 publication of the official State papers.

Despite the best efforts of the crown and the Bank of England to intimidate, trick and bribe members of Congress and the Senate to betray the American people, the vast majority of these elected leaders remained surprisingly steadfast and honorable. Even the passing of one of the most extraordinary acts I have ever seen in reading over 800 years of claimed statutes of Westminster being the act of 1847 (10&11Vict.c.71) creating a “Civil List” or basically perpetual pensions and golden handcuffs to blatantly bribe public officials, did not work. The elected officials of America did not betray the people in taking their 30 pieces of silver until after the Civil War and now of course, these massive bribes and payouts are one of the key reasons Congress and the Senate has become so corrupt and cut off from reality today by continuing to serve the wishes of the mentally insane bankers at all cost.

There was however, one issue that the British and Wall Street were in agreement – the rising population of educated American Patriots was a threat to their control of the United States and the world at large.  Unless they found an effective way to murder some 150,000 to 500,000 of these brave men and their families, then their Business Model of perpetual forms of slavery and banking, drugs trade, arms trade and mining and chemicals would be over. Thus, the planning for the greatest Banker controlled war the world had yet seen was put into motion, no later than 1858.

The Civil War 

Now, I am not going to get into the blow-by-blow details of the Civil War between the Union of the United States, also known as the “Union” and the Confederation of the United States of America, also known as the “Confederacy”. There are two brief reasons – the first being we do not have enough time and the second is that I do not wish in anyway to besmirch the memory of those brave men – on both sides who fought and died in that terrible bloody war orchestrated by the bankers.

What I do wish to do, is reveal to you the premeditated planning to start the war, the irrefutable evidence associated with the constitutional consequences of the War and the aftermath of the war in creating a perpetual war machine, under which we are still experiencing the effects today.

First, let us clear up a deliberate and quite frankly idiotic and unsustainable assertion- the original form of treaty between the States of the United States was a Union through a Treaty of Perpetual Union and not a Confederation. That is why the catch cry of the Northern States to go to war was “To Preserve the Union”.  It is also why the preamble of the Constitution refers to a union or a “more perfect union”. It is also why the original Constitution refers to the granting of powers (which is a gift) and not a delegation of powers (as in a confederation). It is also why it was called the Union Army and not the Confederate Army. The Confederate Army was called the Confederate Army.  So why is there such stubborn confusion amongst people? How could so many suspend common sense and reason in the face of such overwhelming facts?

Well, the reason is because in every single history book and on display in Washington, D.C. is the claimed Articles of Confederation that were supposed to have been formed in 1777 and then “replaced” by the Constitution in 1788.  And the reason is simple because Article 1 of these Articles says “The Stile of this confederacy shall be The United States of America”. So no wonder there is confusion.

Why then? Why would the Union Army under the mind control of Wall Street use terms of the Confederacy it just defeated?  What possible motive would the bankers and their loyal servants and mercenaries have in creating such confusion? To answer this, we need to look at what happened in the lead up to the stealing of the election of 1860 for Presidency when Wall Street, blatantly corrupted the ballots in one of the few openly conceded corrupt elections. After the Presidential election at the end of 1860, it was clear that nothing would stop Wall Street in declaring their candidate the winner, despite the fact his three other Presidential contenders being two democrats and one conservative effectively split the vote making it statistically impossible for Lincoln to get the necessary majority of electoral college votes.

Contrary to revised history and fraudulent documents, it is only then that the States not under the control of the Dutch Wall Street Bankers ceded from the Union. The problem for the bankers was this simple issue of law- when a party to a treaty forming a body, abjures from such a union, the union ceases to exist. There are no ifs, ands, buts or technical complexities- that the original treaty is dead, gone and buried. And that is precisely what Georgia and South Carolina did when they signed the Articles of Confederation of the United States of America by the end of 1860. Just in case anyone still wants to argue the point – once the Southern States signed the Articles of Confederation for The United States of America by the end of 1860 (more than 3 months before Lincoln took his false oath to a non-existent office) – the original United States ceased to exist lawfully and legally. That is an irrefutable fact that is well overdue to have put on the record once and for all, and is not subject to debate or argument. Just to be crystal clear- Lincoln was never the legitimate President of the United States of America ever, because he was never elected under the Constitution of the Confederacy of the United States of America.

Now what is incredible about the new Constitution of the United States of America is that those American Patriots and Heroes made sure they got rid of all the corruptions in the original document which the slave trading Dutch bankers forced upon the original states. All the claimed copies of the claimed Confederate Constitution are a fraud. I have a copy of the true Constitution signed by those states who risked everything against the might of Wall Street and the Crown of Great Britain and the Bank of England.

I can also prove to you very simply that all the claimed copies of the Confederate Constitutionwhich are on public display are a complete fraud. It is because every fake document calls the fake constitution the Confederate States of America and never ever the United States of America. Yet we know three irrefutable and absolute facts (1) The original United States of America formed by Union ceased to exist the moment the Treaty known as the Articles of Confederation were signed at the end of 1860 by Georgia and South Carolina; and (2) The Union Army won the war; and (3) The claimed legitimate document that is put up to proclaim the United States as a body is the corrupted Articles of Confederation now known as the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.  So these bankers and their accomplices continue to tell us all in plain sight that we are completely stupid to think their propaganda because the only reason any United States of America continues to exist is because of the brave men and women of the South called the “Confederates”.

Now, let us move to clearing up another one of the terrible lies by the bankers for more than one hundred years when they claimed the Civil War was about the southern states resisting the end of slavery. I am sorry, but what absolute and complete bullshit.  Anyone who believes that lie and anyone who continues to perpetuate that lie should be exposed as either completely stupid or a paid agent of the banks – because the evidence is overwhelming it was the North that wanted to keep slavery going and its was the southern states that were trying to implement the spirit of the Declaration of Independence by banning slavery, by giving everyone the right to vote and ending the corruption of these banks. Yes, you heard me correctly. Go and have a look at the real constitution of the Confederation of the United States of America – the founding fathers of the Confederacy ended slavery and finally aligned a constitution with the original articles of the Declaration of Independence.

Still unconvinced? OK, well you know the military sided with the Confederacy because by the code of the military it must obey the true civilian authority. Maybe that fact alone is not enough. OK, so how about we look at the proclamations of Abraham Lincoln.

You know that the only people who make proclamations are people who think they are God-Kings or Tyrants? I hope no one on this call seriously believes there is anything constitutional about proclamations, much less than being morally consistent with the Declaration of Independence. Now, if you ignore the deliberate falsity of Fort Sumter in April 1861, given the military sided with the Confederacy and the military are not going to fight amongst themselves at a fort which they already controlled unless someone is completely infected with the banker mind virus of suspending all reason, logic and common sense, then lets look at the deliberate actions of Abraham Lincoln declaring himself a God-King and Tyrant in starting the War and mass murder of hundreds of thousands of American Patriots and Heroes.

Take the first proclamation ever issued in April 15, 1861, even though it is listed as No 3. It is an order to create a standing Army of mercenaries to replace the military forces of the United States that had honorably sided with the true civilian authority being President Davis. Have a look then at thesecond proclamation in history a few days later to blockade the trade of the lawful United States of America. Do you honestly think these are the actions of a sane man, much less under the true authority of the Declaration of Independence, or a proxy of bankers who want to kill as many American patriots as possible to keep themselves in power?

So on the proclamations go, with the one on May 3 1861 creating a pirate navy, against the true navy of the United States and on the same day, suspending any pretense of Justice with the declaration of martial law in complete violation of every act of the United States and the previous constitution. Now, the Proclamation by Lincoln on August 12, 1861 is bizarre in calling for a day of humiliation and cursing of those against the legitimate forces of the United States of America and if you look at it you can see the signs of a man suffering terrible drug induced delusions of himself on a mission from god. Then on April 10th 1862, we finally see the motive of this drug addict, lying and mentally deluded president when he cursed the memory of the ten thousand patriots murdered by the Red Army of the United Company of Merchants during the War for Independence, when he proclaimed that the most sacred day of all American Patriots be replaced with a Thanksgiving Feast to celebrate God striking down and cursing the enemies of the bankers. Forget the pilgrims and all the other rubbish subsequently invented by those on the banker payrolls. Here in this proclamation we see the true measure of what was happening in this terrible Banking War to blemish the mind of all brave and honorable Americans.

Now, to expose the lie that Lincoln supported the abolition of slavery as vomited forth by that terrible piece of propaganda by Hollywood, have a look at the Proclamation by the God-King Tyrant Lincoln on May 19 1862, where he repudiates the actions of a General who sought to free slaves and then comes up with all kind of excuses to defer the abolition of slavery such as . In January 1863, and the “great emancipation proclamation” it was only for freeing slaves int he South (which were already free) NOT the North. In fact in December 1863, when Lincoln as God-King Tyrant proclaimed he would forgive the rebels, slaves were not to be forgiven.  And people call this man a champion of human rights? Give me a break!  See for yourself the insanity of this madman who saw himself as a God such as in 1864 and his own belief in his own worship in 1863.

By the end of the war, the Wall Street Bankers had amassed a million man mercenary and conscript army – the largest the world had ever seen and turned each of the Southern States into Military Occupied Districts, starting in 1865 with North CarolinaMississippiGeorgiaTexas,AlabamaSouth Carolina then Florida. As for the rest of the country, a raft of bogus treaties with fake Indian tribes were invented to ceded the rest of the lands to the regime.

Vancouver Island and the Minor Outlying Islands

I really think that the Bankers did not fully appreciate what the Confederate States had done until after the war.  They were too busy running their banker war and doing what they were good at in making weapons of mass destruction, shipping drugs, mining and importing white slaves from Ireland as cannon fodder to worry about legal issues.

Nor do I think that the drug addict God-King Tyrant Abraham Lincoln give a damn about any form of law. To himself and as evidenced by his proclamations – he was God and so anything he said was law. After all, it was Abraham that coined the rally cry of all mentally insane tyrants and ignorant lawyers “Might is Right”. In a sense, it is no different to the dangerously incompetent and corrupt leaders of the Congress and Senate today, who continue to back commercial ventures such as the continued theft of land and murder of Palestinians with impunity, or the unilateral embargo against Iran even though there is no logical or sane reason.

Yet the evidence is overwhelming that from 1860, the Inner and Middle Temple in London was fully conscious of the massive blunder of the bankers in how they had prosecuted their war.  Your see, as we have already discussed, the Dutch families and their banks relied upon Great Britain and the United Kingdom to maintain the legitimacy of all their contracts, agreements, loans and securities. So you could imagine the complete horror of Wall Street when the message was finally given from London that there was no way on earth Westminster was going to permit the bankers from claiming to be The United States of America in private and that unless they played ball. Either they re-established legitimacy in accepting their condition as being a dominion of the Crown and Great Britain or risk losing everything.

The Dutch Banking families blinked and so a deal was struck that the regime would be recognized as militarily occupying a District of British Columbia and the United States of America in custody, to be held in trust in Delaware or literally “the state of the war” along with any other countries, nations, or territories picked up on behalf of the Crown and the Bank of England. In exchange, all treaties and statutes would remain. Thus the Minor Outlying Islands would be born if the last obstacle could be overcome – the mentally insane and drug riddled God-King Tyrant who had no intention of following through with such a plan.

The Inner and Middle Temple Legal minds had already anticipated these moves and defined the boundaries of British Columbia in 1863 (26&27Vict.c.83). Once the God-King was dead by 1865, they proceeded with the union of Vancouver Island and British Columbia in 1866 (29&30Vict.c.67). It just so happens that the act infers to British Columbia the same previous number of members as Lower Canada was recognized and then rising to twenty three – the precise number of states and territories of the Union, excluding those states converted into military prisons. The twenty three members of British Columbia through the District of Columbia being California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin; and the border states of Delaware and Maryland and finally the District of Columbia itself.

Now, I know that people will read this and listen and say – this all sounds bizarre and far fetched and you know – in many respects you are correct. For example, why would the Dutch Bankers of Wall Street fall for such a convoluted plan, much less the military reconstituted under a military code continue to accept orders from people who have never been a true civilian rule – the answer is in many respects, they didn’t fully understand the mechanics of law and in essence believed the bluff of London. If you are still unconvinced, then just remind yourself of all the elements that have happened since and still continue to happen today. And go and have a look at the act forming the Dominion of Canada in 1867 (30&31Vict.c.3) as you will see one of the most bizarre and oblique occult references to Canada and America in all my reading of tens of thousands of Statutes. No it is not a typographical error, just as the quotes around the word “Columbia” is no printing error in the 1870 act recognizing the government of British “Columbia” (33&34Vict.c.66) just ahead of the act by Congress creating the Government of the District of Columbia to mirror the original Constitution of the United States (1871_ch62).

Now you know what the United States of America and Minor Outlying Islands means – the public and the private, the imprisoned and the mercenary occupiers. Now you know how the fabric of society of America was corrupted and why the events unfolded over the next one hundred years.  Next week, we will finish off by addressing the events of the twentieth century and how this perpetual war machine was then turned toward the ultimate prize – complete world domination by the bankers and how they did it.

So until next week, to all of you who continue to help and support and donate to allow Ucadia to continue, thank you and till next week, please be safe and well.

Thank you and good night. Cheers Frank


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