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Ending the Curse Against America Part 4

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Welcome to the 4th out of 5 posts on Ending the Curse Against America – if you have not read parts 1, 2, or 3, then I’d recommend going there first in order to build the context for today’s post.


With “thanksgiving” coming up in a week I’ve decided that it’s time to share some True American History…

Personally, I will not be observing “thanksgiving” as this is a false holiday and, if you read the history provided in these blogs, you’ll see that this fake holiday/ritual stands as an ongoing insult to the memory of our ancestors (across all races and colors). Part 2 is especially informative on this front.

The following blog and associated articles contain literally hundreds of links to primary source legal documentation, which places them among the most well-researched pieces on American History one is likely to find anywhere, as most other history we learn in school mostly comprises of conjecture and opinion without reference to such valuable sources.

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We’ll speak more about these matters in the coming days, weeks, months, and even years…


True History of America Part 4 (1860-1876): The Truth about Lincoln, Washington and the Union


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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for the Ucadia Blog for Thursday 11th December 2014 entitled “True History of America Part 4 (1860-1876): The Truth about Lincoln, Washington and the Union”.  This blog continues the series beginning with Part 1 entitled “(1666-1840): The Curse against the Patriots” and then Part 2 entitled “(1840-1939): The False God of Perpetual War” and Part 3 entitled “(1939-2012): The Real Dream vs. the False Truth”.

Before we begin, I want to quickly cover three points. First, I want to thank you with all my heart for taking the time to listen and to read this most recent blog as Part 4 of the series on the True History of America. Apart from the fact that your time is precious and limited, particularly around the time of Christmas and the holidays, the subject matter is not the easiest to digest. The subject matter is often dense and difficult and is not the most pleasant. For example, there were some 100 plus links toprima facie evidence and documents in the first three parts to this series on the “True History of America”. So it can take a long time to read through such information. It is also about subjects that a lot of us would rather not hear, especially when we are supposed to be heading toward the holidays. So again, I want to thank each and every one of you who take the time to read and listen carefully to the blog tonight.

Second, I also want to thank those of you who feel so strongly about the importance of this information being read and heard by others that you care enough to post it on YouTube or in message boards or re-print it through online media or other mediums.  No doubt, there will be some who once again demand proof for every element, every proof and every conclusion. That is because we live in a world where the false academic model whereby citation trumps logic and argument has risen to be all powerful. It doesn’t matter that the argument is overwhelmingly logical, or that the only logical conclusion can be the one presented. Instead, people are trained like battery hens at college and university to only accept arguments backed by endless citations to sources – even if the sources themselves are questionable. Despite the logical conclusion that a one hundred year old lie is still a lie, some people are so trapped in the image training inflicted upon them that if it is written in their text book and Hollywood has made a movie about it, it must be true, despite the fact that we have shown statute after statute and evidence after evidence to the contrary. So, to those of you who have overcome the propaganda cloud that fogs the minds of so many of our friends and families and community, I say thank you!

Thirdly, I want to make it abundantly and crystal clear before we start, that I have the utmost respect to the memory, the heroism and the sacrifice of brave Americans not only throughout the Civil War, but all who have fought for the ideals of Freedom and Justice in the years and battles that followed. As I said in the previous blogs on this subject, I am fully aware that we are discussing sacred history and sacred memory that for some is considered so sacred that it should not even be questioned. I am sorry then if anyone who feels that way should be offended. It is not my intention. In fact, I urge people who may feel that way to go and read Part 1 and then Part 2 and then Part 3 of this series before jumping to conclusions. In doing so, I hope you see that far from seeking to injure the memory of true patriots, I am urging people to remember the forgotten memory of some of the greatest heroes and patriots written out of history such as the 10,000 martyrs from Massachusetts and Connecticut that were murdered by the British over the space of a week as prisoners on the shores of Manhattan Island. Their memorial deserves to be restored after it was torn down. Their heroism and bravery must be restored in every history book and their most sacred Day in November previously known as Martyrs Day only to be cursed by Abraham Lincoln as Thanksgiving Day for the death of the enemies of the ruling banking elite should be properly restored and turkey eating left for Christmas day.

Now I have briefly covered these three points with you, let us get started on the blog this week entitled “True History of America Part 4 (1860-1876): The Truth about Lincoln, Washington and the Union”.

Slavery is anti-Christian, immoral and against the principles of any civilized society

There is no question that the Civil War in America was fought in large part because of the issue of slavery. In fact, a key point underpinning this series of blogs is that we seek to correct the historic record as to the true identity of those forces who wished to perpetuate slavery and the real character of the brave men and women who fought to see it abolished completely.

Yet, there is something that hopefully all who come to this blog should be able to agree upon is the fact that Slavery is not only immoral and anti-Christian, but against the principles of civilized society as exhibited in the Declaration of Independence.

Slavery is by definition “any legal system that explicitly permits Slavery or any legal or economic system where people may be treated as property or things” sometimes also defined as “Res” or “Rem” or “Re” in Latin. In essence, a legal or economic system of Slavery means slaves can be held in bondage from the time of their capture, or purchase or birth; and that slaves may be deprived of basic human rights such as the right to leave, or refuse to work or even basic compensation.

Thankfully as at 2014, the world is sufficiently enlightened that all forms of Slavery are outlawed and forbidden and considered a crime against humanity according to International Law. All 193 members of the United Nations are signatories to international treaties forbidding Slavery, with the most significant law being the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and Article 4 which states “no one should be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms”.

Thus any country or nation or regime that openly practiced slavery or endorsed any form of slavery in its laws should then under International law be held accountable by the International Courts of Justice at the Hague as well as by the Security Council of the United Nations and by all civilized societies as a pariah state that if such leaders and government refuses to abolish all forms of slavery within its bounds must then be considered an enemy of civilized society, of the United Nations and the future of humanity.

Yet as I hope you will also agree, the very notion of slavery is not only immoral but completely anti-Christian when you consider the sacred scripture of Matthew 7:12 attributed to Jesus where he states to the effect that all are equal before the law and none are above it.  Thus to treat a fellow member of our species as a piece of property less than an animal is to be a heretic and apostate to the Christian faith; and any society that follows or endorses such laws against the teachings of Jesus could not possibly be considered a Christian society by any reasonable means but an Anti-Christ and a Belial and an Imposter or “Satan” and adversary to Christian ideals and civilized society.

Sadly, there is one such state and country in existence today – only one out of 193 members of the United Nations– that not only endorses the notion of slavery in its laws, but has embedded it in its own constitution. Worse still, this regime considers slavery its Divine and moral right – putting itself in direct opposition to all major religions and all history of civilized society and all forms of international law. Even worse still, by its own false constitution being a corruption to the original documents of its founders, this imposter regime considers that it has a legal right and commission to practice slavery across the planet and not just within the bounds of the nation it holds hostage. Thus, this regime is the personification of the parasite, and Enemy No. 1 to the survival of our species.

This is what this regime inserted into its own fake constitution in 1864 without due process, to make Slavery a Divine and Moral Right:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Now did you read it correctly or did you misread it as so many people are taught to do. Do these words abolish slavery forever? Or do these words merely adapt slavery and refine slavery into a moral and legal right, being even more perverse than prior to their drafting? Does it not state that slavery and involuntary servitude are to be used as punishment and that criminals are to be the new term for slaves? Does it not also claim a mandate to pursue such anti-Christ thinking not only within the United States but to anywhere else they claim jurisdiction?

So there you have it, the United States is the only country on the planet that explicitly states Slavery as a moral and legal right by its constitution in open defiance to the norms of civilized society and the rest of the world.  Now, if you are concerned – and you should be – remember that this thirteenth amendment is a terrible and horrible fraud, that really shouldn’t even be allowed to stand.

The Original Thirteenth Amendment of the United States was ratified and passed in 1819 and forbid anyone in the United States from receiving payment, compensation or titles or working for foreign powers. In 2013, I provided through the blog the irrefutable evidence from surviving official Congressional papers and Public Statutes not destroyed in the great purge of 1865 onwards that prove the existence of the true 13th amendment.

So why did the parasite New York bankers behind the war machine of the North present the false thirteenth amendment in 1864 to perpetuate slavery?  And how did they get away with it given all the laws in the world against slavery? To answer that, we need to return to some of the missing documents and facts of the period of 1860 to 1876 that we were not able to cover in the previous parts of this series.

The growing revulsion to Slavery in the 19th Century

Like today, more than two hundred and thirty eight years ago, the founding fathers who sought freedom from the tyranny of the slave trading crown of Great Britain considered slavery an abomination. We see it in the few writings of the founders that survived the great book purges of 1865 to 1880 across the United States when entire libraries and even cities were burnt to the ground to hide evidence. As we also discussed in Part 2 of this series, it is an indisputable evidentiary fact that the slave trade from Africa to America did not commence until after the War for Independence ended. The slave trade did not start till 1783. While the Royal African Company was recognized in an act of parliament in 1752 (25Geo2.c.40), the very first act explicitly regulating the African slave trade passed by Westminster was in 1788 (28Geo3.c.54) then 1789 (29Geo3.c.66), 1790 (30Geo3.c.33), 1791 (31Geo3.c.54) and (31Geo3.c.55), 1792 (32Geo3.c.52), 1793 (33Geo3.c.73), 1794 (34Geo3.c.80), 1795 (35Geo3.c.90), 1796 (36Geo3.c.118) and (36Geo3. c.119), 1798 (38Geo3.c.80) and 1799 (39Geo3.c80).

While such truth is clouded for people living in America because of the contradictory and false history taught at school, what cannot be disputed is the fact that by the beginning of the 19th Century in Europe as well as in the United States the growing revulsion against slavery had become such an issue that it threatened to unseat the government of Great Britain unless action was seen to be taken. So we have the first act to abolish slavery in Westminster from 1807 (47Geo3. c.36) then in 1833 (3&4Will4. c.73) and in 1838 (1Vict.c.19).

A whole range of international conventions and treaties were also signed against the slave trade such as the first international convention against slavery with the French (3&4Will4. c.72) in 1833; and then Sardinia in 1835 (5&6Will4. c.60) and Denmark (5&6Will4.c.61) in the same year; and then Spain in 1836 (6&7Will4.c.6) and Jamaica (6&7Will4.c.15) also in the same year; and then 1838 with France (1&2Vict. c.39) and Sweden (1&2Vict. c.40) as well as the Netherlands (1&2Vict. c.41) and Tuscany (1&2Vict. c.83) and the Sicilian States (1&2Vict. c.84) in the same year; and then in 1840 (3&4Vict.c.67) with Venezuela; and then in 1842 (5&6Vict.c.40) with Argentina and Haiti (Hayti) (5&6Vict. c.41) as well as the East India Company (5&6Vict.c.101); and then in 1843 with Bolivia (6&7Vict. c.14) and Texas (6&7Vict. c.15) and Uruguay (6&7Vict.c16) and Austria, Russia and Prussia (6&7Vict.c.50) and Mexico (6&7Vict.c.51), Chile (6&7Vict.c52) and Portugal (6&7Vict.c53) in the same year; and then in 1845 (8&9Vict.c.122) with Brazil; and then in 1848 with Equador (11&12Vict. c.116) and Muscat (11&12Vict. c.128); and then in 1849 the Persian Gulf States (12&13Vict. c.84); and then in 1853 with Arabia (16&17Vict. c.16) and New Granada (16&17Vict.c.17) in the same year; and then in 1855 with Sierra Leone (18&19Vict.c.85); and then finally with the United States in 1862 (25&26Vict.c.40) and (25&26Vict.c.90) and then in 1863 (26&27Vict. c.34).

Westminster also changed the way in which such conventions and treaties against slavery could be managed from 1836 (6&7Will4. c.81) through “Orders in Council” being the Queen In Council and effectively the old Privy Council of England as the ultimate court and judge. This was continued the following year in 1837 (1Vict.c.62), 1838 (1&2Vict. c.102), 1839 (2&3Vict. c.57), 1840 (3&4Vict. c.64), 1842 (5&6Vict. c.59), 1843 (6&7Vict. c.46), and then in 1844 made permanent (7&8Vict. c.26). Westminster also empowered the courts to address issues concerning slavery such as the foreign powers act of 1838 (1&2Vict. c.47) and in 1842 (5&6Vict. c.42); and in 1839 the Admiralty Courts Powers (2&3Vict. c.73) and 1842 (5&6Vict.c.91) and 1873 (36&37Vict.c.59).

By the way, please take the time to really read those three acts of parliament of Westminster with the Lincoln Regime of the United States during the Civil War in 1862 (25&26Vict.c.40) and (25&26Vict.c.90) and then in 1863 (26&27Vict. c.34). They are tricky documents, so you need to read carefully as they say much more than what first appears. For example, if you have a look at the 1863 document of the treaties you will see some familiar places associated with Pax Americana, the world of Admiralty Piracy and strange associations with the United States Treasury at different periods being: the Island of Cuba for the Caribbean, the Island of Puerto Rico for South America, the Island of Madagascar for Africa and the Island of San Domingo, later renamed Luzon in the Philippines for Asia and the Pacific. The significance of these locations is the fact that these were by the treaties the points of capture and warehousing of prize goods taken under Admiralty in the fake war against slavery. So technically, if people were to be treated as goods and prizes of war, then there would officially have to be offices and permanent points of presence on the Minor Outlying Islands to fulfill the only law that kept the north going after the Civil War being these strange treaties.

However, back to the early 19th Century, even in the United States, there were increasing numbers of wealthy and influential people not only willing to push for the complete abolition of Slavery in step with their European brothers, but to actually begin implementing radical demonstrations of emancipation of their own, without falling foul of the law and out of the reaches of the all powerful New York Dutch banking families and north-eastern states.

Slavery in the United States remained lawful until the new Articles of Confederation for the United States of America in 1860 followed by the new Constitution of the United States of America, also known as the Confederacy.  Prior to the new constitution and the official emancipation of all the slaves in the United States by the Confederacy, against the Dutch Amorican Banker Pirates of New York and their proxies, if a slave owner was to attempt to free large numbers of slaves outside of their plantation, they risked prohibitive duties or severe penalties. So beginning in the 1840’s, a number of wealthy plantation owners across the United States formed the secret society known as the League of Southern Gentlemen in which they each pledged to work toward the emancipation of slaves, beginning with the improvement of conditions for their own slaves, including separate cabins for families, permission for slaves to hold property on the plantations, general stores and even the introduction of schools. Dozens of major plantations from Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas and even in Georgia and Alabama began adopting these reforms.

However in 1856, the Wall Street Bankers and slave promoters of the Northern states achieved a major win through the Dred Scott case in the Supreme Court where it was decreed that slaves had no rights and that the federal government had no power to regulate or award compensation, and that like any form of property, slaves could be seized for debts and claims. A new secret society was then formed against the bankers and was called the Knights of the Golden Circle in honor of the Golden Rule of Law of Matthew 7:12 and the inspirational legends of King Arthur against tyranny. Many members of these plantations began accelerating the emancipation of slaves under the protection of the plantation.

The most famous of these attempts at a kind of utopia of law and equality and freedom became immortalized in songs of millions of slaves who sang of reaching its shores along the east bank of the Potomac River and west bank of the Anacostia River. Upon the lands of one of the largest plantations in all the United States at the time, a city of conscience of some thirty thousand souls did rise up upon 3200 acres by 1860, where Negro and Irish slaves were treated by the plantation owners as free; and were paid for their labor; and permitted to own and hold property; and own their own home and small plot of land to farm and trade; and where their children were taught the finest of education in all of America. The name of this city and this most sacred place in the history of the world was called Bethlehem, later cursed and condemned by the same families and people who rule the world today in turning “heaven on earth” into “hell on earth” by 1864 in transporting the survivors to the first heavy industry slave town model of the “free market capitalism” in Pennsylvania called “Bethlehem” as the headquarters for the Bethlehem Iron Company, later known as Bethlehem Steel and Shipping.

So how did such high ideals come to be crushed? What additional evidence is there between the conspiracy of descendents of the Dutch pirates rising to control London and their cousins in New York to form a New World Order via the Civil War in the United States? And how does the United States today still get away with being so blatantly dependent upon the continuation of perpetual slavery and war in supporting the business model of English, Wall Street and Vatican controlled banks?

The Plan for the Second Reich of the New World Order

The elite of London and the Vatican didn’t really abolish slavery in the 19th Century, they simply repackaged it. The act of Westminster of 1838 (1Vict. c.19) makes clear the truth of this when it shows that the white slaves of Ireland and Scotland and the black slaves of Africa were no longer to be called “slaves” but “apprenticed laborers” or what we now called “wage earners”. I mean the act is blatant.  If you are one of the poor or a laborer then you are a slave by another name. Slavery wasn’t abolished; it was simply rebranded and restructured away from the prying eyes and conscience of a rising middle class in Europe to the “New World”.

If you think I am being unfair, given the long list of acts previously mentioned in this blog passed by Westminster abolishing slavery, then let us have a look at the compensation schedule to the English nobility and industrialists forced to rebrand their slave forces into apprentice laborers. In 1835 (5&6Will4. c.45) the owners of slaves were compensated, but not the people wrongly enslaved in England or Ireland, or Scotland or Wales or Africa or the Colonies. Again in 1836 (6&7Will4.c.5) and (6&7Will4. c.82) and in 1838 (1Vict. c.3) and 1841 (4&5Vict.c.18), we see generous inducements for the wealthy elite to “play along” with the New World Order Mark 2, or the model of the “Second Reich”.

What about all those treaties passed and signed against slavery? What if I was to show you a statute of Westminster that explicitly permitted one group of non-Christian pirate families the exclusive right to be the global slave traders?  That is precisely what the politicians permitted in the statute of 1842 (5&6Vict. c.113) granting Portugal the unique status of the singular slave traders of the world, under the blessing of the Roman Cult, also known as the Vatican and protection of the crown of Great Britain. It means the treaty and statute relating to Portugal in 1843 (6&7Vict.c.53) is not worth the paper it is written on, because the first Lisbon Treaty circumvents any future attempt to deny the Portuguese Slave Traders and Pirates their exclusive trade of slavery.

Do you really think there is anything lawful about Admiralty?  You have to be kidding! Admiralty Law is founded on the legal and moral abomination that you are guilty until proven innocent. Admiralty Law assumes the mere existence of a claim is sufficient to proceed in action without proof of such claim. Admiralty Law permits you to be treated as property and your name as a trademark (39&40Vict.c.33). I mean if that is not the most perfect definition of the meaning of Slavery then I do not know what is. For Admiralty Law is the law of the slave owners, the slave traders, the pirates and the bankers and until enough people wake up, I mean really WAKE UP!, then this business model will only continue.

By the 1840’s in Great Britain, pressure was mounting to reign in the madness of the High Court of Admiralty at the White House at Greenwich Hospital and restore some semblance of reason.  However, the descendants of the Dutch Amorican pirate families in England such as Benjamin Disraeli and the New York families had other ideas. They were going to ship the whole apparatus of Admiralty and piracy and perpetual slavery to the new world.  They just had to architect the framework of laws to do it and the right circumstances to trigger a war and take complete control of the United States, converting it into one giant slave factory.

If you want to learn more about the truth of Admiralty, then please have a look at Article 190 ofSovereign Law as well as Article 169 of Fiduciary Law. While you do, please have a look at the map of Greenwich Hospital here, while you read canon 7683. I will let the research and the map speak for itself as to what you dealing with in relation to the symbolism of Birth Certificates as Death Certificates in Admiralty in converting people into goods and less than animals.

It was a hugely audacious plan that still has its foot print within the statutes that made it possible. Upper Canada as the Dominion of Canada was to become the home of the superior courts of Queens Bench, Exchequer, Sessions and Marriages, while Chancery, Privy Council and Admiralty courts were to be embedded within the fabric of Lower Canada upon the completion of the subjugation of the people following a war of such violence, trauma and fear that the prospect of rising up against the banks or the elite of Wall Street would be an impossibility.

The constitution of 1873 (36&37Vict. c.66) and (38&39Vict. c.77) forming the new Supreme Court sealed the deal in terms of control within the United Kingdom, but setting free – through slight of language – the jurisdiction of these superior courts outside United Kingdom – or as they wrote so often within their statutes “beyond the seas”.

All the statutes exist to prove the Court of Queens Bench Superior Courts of Canada are in fact the Court of Queens Bench of Great Britain; and that the Court of Exchequer operating from Winnipeg Manitoba is the Court of the Exchequer of Great Britain; and that the Accountant General of the High Court of Chancery that strides the pirate world of Admiralty and the Common Law world of these superior courts is the Comptroller of the Currency in Washington; and that the Court of Chancery of Delaware is in fact the High Court of Chancery of Great Britain; and that the Congress held in Session issues the licenses and rights and powers under Privy Seal for Great Britain outside of England; and that the Lords of Admiralty are also situated in Washington as they once were in London and Greenwich with the Commander in Chief of the forces of the United States still claiming the British position of Lord High Admiral – despite London rejecting such claims during this present Presidential administration in a most public rebuke and embarrassment of appointment.

Anyway, we will go through these trails of statutes in more details in 2015. Not that it means a whole lot at the moment, given so much of the apparatus of the United States has been completely lawless and out of control for decades. It will still be worth seeing how it was established to work prior to and during the Civil War.

What I do want to do now is answer the anomaly of how the elite pirates in New York and the elite pirates in London supported by the elite child molesting families in the Vatican managed to get away with this plan?

Take the United States Constitution for example.  Once you realize that the false 13th amendment should technically make the United States the pariah state of the world, how can the United Nations and others still stand by and not take action against the United States? The answer is what the 14th amendment in 1868 did to the Constitution. The 14th amendment created the concept of a federal citizen in addition to being a state citizen – a new concept whereby anyone born in a state claimed under the control of the Washington regime, or anyone naturalized who pledged an oath to the Constitution became a federal citizen. The Constitution therefore only applied to federal citizens as a private contract, while a string of hastily passed new State Constitutions applied as private contracts for individuals as state citizens. The Constitution ceased to be Public law and became a matter of private and contract law. That is how they did it and how they technically got away with it. It is also why any and every court case pushing the United States Constitution as continuing public law has failed or has been resolved by returning to the 14th amendment and the issue of a “social contract” – that they throw in your face, but few realize the implications.

Now, what I want to focus on is healing a grave injury against the memory of many tens of thousands of souls, who lost their lives against the evils of Wall Street and were murdered on sacred soil. Before we conclude this blog I want to set the record straight as to the true founding of the city of Washington D.C.olu from 1861.

The true founding of Washington D.C.

In 1860, the population of the United States was some 27.16 million (excluding slaves) with some 394,000 people holding some 3.95 million slaves as property. Approximately 500,000 of these slaves were held on plantations in Virginia. The figure of 3.95 million slaves is worth noting, because at present there are officially 2.6 million slaves held as property in private for profit prison factories in the United States – more than the rest of the world combined. By the way, within the next five years, the United States is set to have the same number of slaves as it did in 1860. If anyone disputes that and says this is wrong, please direct them to the fake 13th amendment and ask them to read what it says, not what they think it means.

Back in 1860, in Virginia and Maryland, there were some 800 or more plantations and farms of 1,000 acres or more and another approximately 4,000 or so farms of between 500 and 999 acres. The largest and most famous Plantation of Virginia and Maryland being the Arlington Plantation of over 3,200 acres or 5 square miles. Contrary to the calculated and deliberate falsities, Arlington Plantation was on the east bank of the Potomac and the east side of Rock Creek at the conjunction of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers in Georgetown County, Maryland.

Next door and to the west of the Arlington Plantation was the city of Georgetown, incorporated by charter in 1789 by the Maryland Legislature as well as the Jesuit University of Georgetown founded in the same year. The location was already a trading post of a few dozen huts, homes and wharves on the Potomac River when in 1731 George Gordon was commissioned as a new local tobacco and trade inspector under the Virginia Tobacco Inspection Act of 1730 to build an inspection house and warehouse, now called the Old Stone House. Then in 1752 a survey and town plan was made and land purchased to begin a town – hence “George Town”. By 1789, the city of Georgetown had grown to a population of over 5,000 people. By 1860, it was over 15,000 people. Jesuit John Carroll as the first head of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States secured the purchase to the land to found the Jesuit College by January 1789 with the first classes commencing a few years later. The United States Congress then issued Georgetown the first federal university charter in 1815 and then in 1844 a corporate charter.

Further south from Arlington Plantation on the west bank of the Potomac was Alexandria, also initially founded as a tobacco inspection warehouse under the same Virginia tobacco inspection laws of 1730, originally under the name Hunting Creek. Then in 1749, the plantation owner of Mount Vernon Plantation named Lawrence Washington, who was also the leader of the Ohio Company of Virginia, was granted approval to form the privately owned trading town initially called Belhaven, later incorporated in 1779 as Alexandria. By the way, this is the true name of the father of George Washington – not Augustine, meaning “Divine” in Latin.

George Parke Custis, the owner of Arlington Plantation was not the step grandson of George Washington but the son of John Parke Custis and thoroughly educated by the Jesuits at nearby Georgetown College as had been his father. During the shadow war with the Dutch Amorican pirates hell-bent on maintaining slavery, the magnificent Georgian Mansion of Arlington Plantation became a symbol of freedom and emancipation as gatherings of leading plantation owners, intellectuals and Jesuits met to discuss how the evils and insanity of the Wall Street War Machine might be overcome. In the meantime, the size and prosperity of Bethlehem grew.

What was most deeply concerning to the Wall Street Bankers and their spineless agents in the media and newspapers was that George Parke Custis had proven beyond a doubt that men given their freedoms could be more prosperous and loyal to common interests, than any fear of loss of productivity. In fact the magnificent Arlington House was built by the emancipated slaves of George Parke Custis as a gift to the family. In fact the highest honor of any of the free men of Bethlehem was to serve in the household staff of Arlington House. Because of the white paint of Arlington House, it came to be known simply as “The White House” and a symbol and beacon to slaves across the United States as they sang their songs to Bethlehem, later corrupted to Babylon and Zion. In any event, this made the destruction and corruption of the memory of Bethlehem and Arlington a primary target of the Dutch Wall Street bankers once the war was scheduled to start.

Mary Anna Custis Lee, the wife of Robert E. Lee inherited Arlington Plantation and the White House in 1857 after the death of her father George Parke Custis. When she took over with her husband General Robert E. Lee, the population of Bethlehem on the Arlington Plantation exploded from 15,000 to over 30,000 by 1860. As testament to her courage and her commitment to the dream of the freedom of all men, in the face of grave danger, Mary Anna Custis Lee did not leave the Plantation and the White House until May 15, 1861 when it was clear they could no longer protect Bethlehem. Days after, the pathological morphine addict Abraham Springstein, a.k.a. Lincoln and his drug addict wife, along with a mercenary force of some 10,000 killers hired by Wall Street took control of the plantation, declaring it the site for a new capital.

Imagine the horror of these people in the face of such evil as Abraham Lincoln and his mercenary army. There is a new film by Ridley Scott called “Exodus Gods and Kings” portraying the claimed horrors under the Ramses pharaohs.  Yet such images of Hollywood are nothing compared to the brutality and misery that beset the poor souls unfortunate enough to build the Capitol Building and the foundations of Washington.

As Abraham Lincoln and his wife and their drug addicted friends did party and indulge themselves of every vice in the White House of Arlington Plantation, within a few hundred yards, thousands of children were seized and separated from their parents and sold to plantation owners of the north. Women and young girls were forced into prostitution to serve the growing mercenary army of the north, later to become the US Army, and tens of thousands of men and boys who fought against these mercenaries were killed and buried in mass pits that still exist under the foundations of Washington D.C. today.

Yet the worst was still to come. You see the plans of Washington had nothing to do with the mythical figure of Pierre Charles L’enfant. Pierre Charles L’enfant didn’t invent this map. That name is an anagram for Peter the Great Infant – a Zionist Dutch insult on the Jesuits and Rome – basically that you are all a bunch of idiots and we have the weapons of mass destruction to destroy any civilization and wipe from history any people – as proven in the one hundred and fifty years since.

The map of Washington was the replication of Greenwich Hospital and the transplant of the Zionist model of occult and curse and utter criminal madness from London to America. The roads, forming pentagrams was all their desire. By the end of 1861, more than one hundred and fifty thousand poor souls were being worked to death in front of the windows of the White House as Abraham Lincoln celebrated endless parties and enjoyed a steady supply of drugs.

Every single stone of the Capitol Building in Washington is cursed. Every street is cursed in the blood of these people. When the British finally came over to review progress in 1863, they were so utterly horrified by what they saw and the sociopathic drug riddled leader in Lincoln, it was concluded that the evil was way beyond even the darkest initiate in London; and that the false President had to be removed; and that the working of slaves to death had to stop.

So the survivors were then sold by 1864 to the founders of Bethlehem Iron Company whose task it was to create literally “hell on earth”, working the survivors to death for profit and forever erasing the truth of Arlington and Bethlehem.  What was left behind was a partially complete Capitol Building, official buildings, roads and unmarked pits full of the bodies of more than 60,000 men, women and children murdered by Wall Street and their proxies – that until now has been the occult energy of curse running through the veins of this awful and terrible place.

Washington D.C. is the new Greenwich Hospital; and the only legitimate law of the north are the treaties against slavery; and the oath that all judges must take to the treaties as shown in 1862 (25&26Vict.c.90).  The only power these people have is to lie and curse and steal. In fact, London has been so disgusted with these people that it deliberately withdrew all authority in 1963 after the crazies killed their own President and more recently in the general disgust at the most recent pathological liar and incompetent President that has consistently refused to clean up any mess or accountability amongst the banks or courts. It is a kind of perversity that America now has an African-American President that shares more traits with the true Abraham Lincoln than any other President since the Civil War.

What next?

So now you know.  Of course, there will be many who will try with a few lines or a few quips to condemn this post as rubbish. I didn’t write it for them and quite frankly I don’t care what they think.

I wrote this article in memory of the tens of thousands of souls who until now had their history and their memory not only erased but cursed by these pirates in the building of Washington. I wrote this article for the millions who have suffered because of these banks and pirates and still suffer, because this generation is the most drug addicted, the most cowardly and the most ignorant of its own history.

Because this generation is so superficial and lazy and ignorant and cowardly, it may not be this generation that affects any change. Maybe our legacy is to leave the saving of the planet to our children or grand children. In any event, the truth is revealed and the curses are lifted and those who have the eyes to see can see and ears to hear can hear and the rest will live and die and face the consequences of their own inactions and apathy. For those who choose to live stupid, die stupid and face the consequences in the afterlife of such stupidity.

Yet for all of you who care, thank you! And until we speak again next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.

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Thank you Frank for all your heard work, and we are sending you much love and protection.

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