The Dawning


This is the Dawning:

This isn’t the twilight of your life. You may think so, yet this is the dawning.

Greatness is about to dawn on you. The sun is rising, and the sun is getting ready to shine on you. You are going to be splendor walking into splendor. You are just beginning. You are just awaking from a deep sleep. You will rub your eyes, and you will look around you, and you will be astonished at what has always been visible and, yet, you did not see.

You are waking up to the majesty of life and the great opportunity before you. What have you been thinking, beloveds? Have you been thinking that life is a hardship? Have you wondered what you are doing here? Have you considered it a bother to be alive on Earth? It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be here.

There is no other life in the world quite like it. You have been blessed to receive this gift of life. It is a great gift. Know this gift of life as a privilege that has been bestowed upon you.

You won the prize. You, only you, were chosen for this very life before you. You headed the list.

You say you are not satisfied with your life as it is? You say it is not the life you had hoped for? Well, then, make your life the way you want it. Make your life come closer to your dream. Keep going. If you don’t like the ferry boat you’re on, catch an ocean liner or catch a canoe or swim across the channel. Set your own course.

No one is to fulfill your dreams for you. You are the only one. Start now. You may discover that, when all is said and done, you are living your dream now as it is. There is more preciousness in this life as it is. You are beginning to learn appreciation for the gifts you have been given. Sing your blessings. This life before you is a precious moment in Eternity. This moment blessings are upon you, and more are to come.

Right now, be My blessing to the world that craves blessings. The one who blesses is blessed.


Who raised you to be dissatisfied with life? You have been given a plum, and you have thought otherwise. You may have thought that life is all too much work, too troublesome, too involved, too out of your hands. The life you desire is already in your hands. Don’t forget, your life is as you see it. Perhaps you haven’t been looking. Perhaps you haven’t been looking in the right places. Perhaps you have been looking too hard. Perhaps you have been looking for obstacles, as if something stands in your way.

You yourself may get in your way. In any case, you are the course you set. You are the race you are running.

How marvelous! You are an entrepreneur of life. Perhaps you want to hover less over your life and enjoy it more.

Enjoy these moments that will never come again.

Paint beautiful brush strokes. Admire your handiwork. Admire your handicraft. You are the artist of your life. It is your creation. You are not helpless. You are the master chef. You are the one who cooks the soup, brews the tea, and you are the one who spoons the soup and sips the tea. Relish your work.

You are the consummate artist of your life.

Where did you get that dim view of your life? Life is not a hazard. Life is spread before you. You are not only a receiver of life. You are also a giver of it.

Love and give. Love and give.



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