The Awakening Destroying America: the World


lunch9Excerpt: The fact is, the zionists evil demons are using our youth, and our people to turn on each other and destroy our existing laws,  disarm us, and destroy free speech. Any public servant, and or government elected officials’s duties are defend the laws of our country, and have be responsible those that pervert them. Guns do not kill people, people do. Even the gods carry arms of defense, and so must us, the mortals. The fact is we need not the NRA, and all those laws written within the states that ere against owning an arm of defense as it is a gun, must be null and void, we the people command. The people command as well, have responsible for capital crime those that are pro 5G+ and GMO Products. Those disguising as public servants that have no moral values= do not honor our laws, our people, our country, and nature, must be thrown out of office, but also leave surface earth. It is absolutely natural discard what no longer serve its purpose. We are all each responsible for our own actions.

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