Secrets no More: Mind Blowing

Many of you that are young enough are not going to relate to what we are going to talk about here. Regardless, let us move on and expose for the entire world to see, ONE of the most horrific crimes committed in this country towards a child and his entire family.

The older generation should very well remember the Kennedy Family influence within this country, and most important, the late president, John F Kennedy senior= JFKs that unfortunately was killed on November 22, 1963, in Dallas Texas.The Kennedys were a young couple full of life, dreams, beauty, and good looks. That they represented the American people from 1961 to 1963. In those days, the American people were more in love with the young couple than what they thought they could do for our country.—well, that was what many of us thought. Regardless, these people that thought otherwise, were as well in love with the Kennedys in the White House. So infatuated were the American people with the Kennedys; they could not wait to see the latest pictures from their two precious children, Caroline, and John Junior. John Junior was the younger child.= JFKj. JFKj was a few months old when their parents move to the White House, so we could not help seeing him growing+ and navigating the White House whereabouts. Hundreds and hundreds of stunning beautiful pictures taking from JFKj alone. He looked like a strong, feisty young man from a very young age.

And sister Caroline with her sweet face full of freckles, was so unique and beautiful.

And the First Lady, Jackelyn Kennedy was- was with all the characteristics of feminine itself.= Intelligence. Elegance. Beauty. What else can a person say about a woman with these fine characteristics, except that during that period, the American women were pretty much trying to behave and look like Jackelyn Kennedy. In fact, the Kennedy with their beautiful children became a tremendous good example for the American family. This much was true.

And then a dark cloud felt upon the Kennedys couple and upon their children. And upon Washington DC. And upon our entire country. The saga goes beyond our imagination. Meaning not everyone is ready to digest, and or not everyone is ready to receive all the facts from the atrocities the beautiful couple with their beautiful children endured. The history from the Kennedys couple and their children need be rewritten because it is Not as what has been told to the American people.

Many of you already know what we are getting at. And that is that, Washington DC has been nothing but The capital of corruption. Washington DC has been the hosting ground for High crimes. Genocide. Mafia. Deep State. And human trafficking in all forms has been their livelihood. We the people have been their sustenance yet they treated us as garbage. Greed and power was their goal even if we all had to die to get it. These criminals never ever care about humans life, let alone that of children.

Which is why we are introducing here a person known as David Keith Quigley. He, since he was a child has lived through the saga to tell the story. He has been a subject of human trafficking; child abuse in all forms since the age of nine. He has witnessed the murdering of his entire family. David has expend most of his life hidden from his enemies, living in poverty, and with illnesses that have worsen his life.

Regardless the circumstances, David is alive and we think that his health state would be at its best. David is a humble man that identity cannot be denied!

We are here scratching our heads, and tears running through our face- we just do not know how life can be so cruel to a beautiful child. To an innocent child. Which reminds us that the same fate has fallen upon many of our beautiful children all across the world. And we are also thinking that the history of David Keith Quigley would CLOSE the saga for human trafficking. ALL the possibilities for human trafficking within this physical realm must once sense for all be indefinitely close. Cease and desist.

And the future of Washington DC can be directing towards the options of BE’ing a birds sanctuary; a national Park, and or a huge botanical garden, and etc. etc. Some of us vomit just by thinking at all the horrific history that are behind all those buildings within Washington DC.

We The People have had it. We are more than tired of the betrayal. The lies. The Deceptions. The Fraud. The Racketeering. The Invasions. The Infiltrations. The Lacking.

We are More than ready to hear the Truth, and nothing but the Truth. And this is why facts like that of David Keith Quigley must come to the light! Q that!

I am not going to tell you who David Keith Quigley really is. This is for you to find out. Either way, it will shock you. All you need to do is discern. Discern and learn. Learn. As the more you know, the more you will unlock. The best way to read about David is by buying his book on Amazon. It only cost a few dollars. If you want, start by reading the comments below the page where his book is. < Stolen Identity: Unveiling the Real John Kennedy Jr > It will blow your mind. He is also on social media as Telegram under JFK JR & The Fall of Camelot

The More you Know.

Enough Said.


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