Brief Astrology for New Year 2024

According Vedic Astrology, starting on December, 2023- January 1st, planet Jupiter finally is going direct in the sign of Aries and would stay there still May 1st 2024.

Although Jupiter has been in Aries since April of 2023, and with some retrograde motion  in September, which brought even more challenges for Jupiter. All this was due the fact that Malevolent Rahu was in Aries already when Jupiter arrived and thus he could not give us all that he wanted. Meaning it was very challenging for Jupiter and for all of us of course and the world during the last nine months due the conjunction with Rahu in Aries. Regardless, Rahu moved out of Aries to Pisces in November. Leaving then space for Jupiter that is still in retrograde; rebound direct on January 1st. Normally Jupiter stays in one sign for an entire year.

Long and behold, Jupiter is on his own, in Aries. This is great news due the fact that Aries is the head of the zodiac. Meaning Aries is the Start of everything. Everything starts in Aries. And by Benevolent Jupiter being in Aries direct till May 2024, this is awesome news for all of us. As Jupiter is the giver of health, wealth, and joy!

Aries, as you may know is ruled by Mars. Meanwhile, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Which for a fact, Mars and Jupiter get along great. And guess who is in Sagittarius as we speak since December 27th 2023. Mars! These two planets are exchanging energies till February 7th 2024 when Mars then would move to Capricorn. This means that from January 1st through February 7th, there are tremendous magical energy for us, due the fact that when two planets exchange energies, this means that for example in this case, Jupiter is giving us all his benefits results, as well as all the benefits results from Mars in Aries. The same goes for Sagittarius. Mars is giving us all the benefits results from Jupiter, as well as all the benefits results from Mars in Sagittarius. Magic!

I am not going to mention any other planetary positions due the fact that this exchange of energies from Jupiter and Mars, is the Bomb!

But what exactly this means? For example, Mars rules actions. He rules taking actions. He gives us the initiation+ and courage+ and vitality for moving forward matters not the circumstances we are facing. Mars grants us the sword of courage. The sword of Justice. The sword of discipline. Mars want us taking responsibility and accountability for our own actions. Mars want us BE’ing as warriors. Mars is a warrior.

Jupiter on the other hand is the giver of all good things, which is why he needs be in Aries in order to do this since Aries is the sign that initiates actions. It is the sign that start New Things. There it would be no creation without Aries. There it would be no “I AM” without Aries. Aries ruled. Which is why it is ruled by Mars, the planet for initiation of action.

Are you guys getting all these?  I hope so. Astrology rules.

Let us direct our intentions for us all having an awesome New Year starting right ON from the beginning of 2024 and beyond. So be it!

Heart. Heart. Heart.


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