Powerful Cosmic Opportunities for May 2021

6D98474B-3EEC-4613-950F-D6BCFCA3C98AThe month of May always has been a month of opportunities for our humanity, however, during May of 2021, the opportunities are even greatest.

We ask for everyone to pray, and make your intention be clear of what you want for us All during the divine month of May 2021, and that should be, courage to moving forward through this amazing journey; abundance of our daily needs, responsibility+ and accountability for our own BE’ing and DO’ing; good health, harmony, and peace for ALL the creation.

Almighty Father- Mother God, thank you for your divine assistant during these amazing times, and always.

Take time to watch this awesome video that does have an awesome message for all to enjoy!

http://wetheonepeople.com/powerful-cosmic-opportunities-for-may-2021/ = this posting



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