Watch these series of Videos for your awareness of what is taking place: took place in Davos during Donald’s Trump visit. Also notice how our Flag does NOT have the “gold fringe on top!” this means Donald Trump is not representing the corporations but our Country: our people. We the American people have taking back our National Government that for a long time was highjacked by the corporate world: bankers for their own interests, and ignoring our people. Our National Government is elected by the people, and for the people.

Screw Israel, and their demons in human form that call themselves Jews and are NOT: that have been destroying the existence worldwide knowingly and deliberately, – = the bankers, = corporations. ~ – = For they are buried!  We the people command the arrests: taking down of Israel Prime minister and his accomplices worldwide for the crimes committed to our people, inclusive the Palestinian people: our humanity: the existence.

Together we stand as ONE against the destruction of the existence.


Celebrate, and go and make America great again, = MAGA MEGA= Make  America great again: Make the existence great again.

Skip the advertising, and Enjoy!

Video 1

Video 2

… And we keep our words… MAGA MEGA

http://wetheonepeople.com/our-president-trump-rock-davos-visit/ = this article

~ the people



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