Our intentions for this New Moon in May 2023 and Beyond


Almighty Creator, and Divine Mother, our intentions for this New Moon in the Month of May 2023 and beyond, is for us giving, “Thanks so very much for looking out for us at this physical realm. Thank you for the protection for our children, for our men, and for our women.”

Thanks for the prosperity. The health. The technology for the greatest good. Thanks for the wisdom giving. The illumination giving. The courage giving. The bravery giving. The responsibility giving. The guidance giving. The family unity giving.

And thanks so very much for the divine government giving, that main responsibility Is, and must always Be, the wellbeing for our people within every nation from our planet earth.

Bliss be upon all those great people that are making our lives Be a better experience.

Father Mother God, we honor you. Thanks for the kindness.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Heart. Heart. Heart.

So be it



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