Doctor Tenpenny

Doctor Tenpenny, a naturalist in medicine, has been an outspoken person against the medical establishment, that main goal has been doing harm instead of good.

You can research about her. She is an angel that warned parents/ people BE cautious of those we trusts most. She encourages parents Be aware not putting their children in harm’s way. And actually, she has been the only person that wholeheartedly has been disclosing the truth about the medical establishment and Be still alive and well.

Bliss be upon her always.

And we might add, our health is our own responsibility.

Use discernment. Watch the quality of the food; liquid that you ingest. Reading labels would help!

Our cells cannot survive; cannot do the work that are require from them if they are thriving within filthy water, I mean within filthy blood. Drinking alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs; long hours watching television, addictive to the phone; addictive to caffeine; addictive to prescriptions drugs; addicted processed food, addictive eating out, addicted to sweets, unclean environment, and toxic relationships, to say the least, are enough for cutting our life spans to half.

Remedy: Reflect. Listen to your heart mind. Ask for help. Ask for directions. Focus. Shift. Pray. Be with time in solitude. Listen to the silence. Go to the park and walk the walking trail at least three times a week whenever is convenience for you. Drink carbonated water as Don Peregrino, and or plain Perrier, and or spring water enough. Use discernment for every decision you take. Honor your family. Honor your children. Honor your maker. Honor nature. Honor your health. Honor your life.

And without going into much details, eat fresh greens- all your favorite daily. Eat lots of fruits. And do not forget cooking fresh white or black beans; pigeons peas, lentils.. And do not forget baking your own bread from organic flour. And cut down on cooking oils. If can, use organic butter. And I know many do not want to hear it, but cut down on meat, especially process meat as sausages, pepperoni, hot dogs; bacon, deli meat, etc., they are loaded with salts and nitrates that causes inflammation, and that ultimately bring serious illness.

Keeping healthy is hard work, but you know what? It is worthy because if you become with serious illness, all your dreams shatters. All falls apart. Therefore, and even if we cheat, a. little. some. time. We ought being responsible.

Enough said

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