The Stone of Destiny

Fascinating history about the Stone of Destiny. In order innerstanding this history, and for those that knows very well the true meaning of this, well, as we always say, if you know you know.

This is even Biblical! And this is why you should look deep. And then after, let us know if you laughed your ass off or cried your eyes out. We know this history will put you to think. We are not joking.

Anyways, this is all related to Royal families, lies, and frogs, I mean fraud. But before you claim your own conclusion, in 2012-2013, all the Royal dynasties, and worldwide governments were ceased and desist through documentations filed all across all the courts system of each country. All done according due process of law. Meaning that noticed of due process was sent to them each for them reflecting, and act accordingly with the time allow.

They did nothing, in fact, they laughed!

However, we do not think that they were laughing when they found out that all their fortune was at stake. When they saw that everyone was pointing their fingers at THEM.

The history told with the stone of destiny is part of it all, yes, symbolically, however, with all the crimes committed by these people worldwide against the people, was enough executing all of them and destroying all that they possess in material wealth across the planet.

However, we all knew this was a long process do the fact that all governments from each country in the world, were under the subversion from these criminals, stealing their resources, raping their women, killing their children, and imprisoning their men.

All governments need it be destroy and then re-stablish new under Natural Law.= The Law of our Creator. The Law of God.

And it was done. It is being done all across the world as we speak.

It has been a war for more than a decade now, but you know what? It has been worth it.

Destroying what no longer serve their purpose was the aim. Rescuing millions children kept in cages by these criminals, that they kidnapped from everywhere across the planet, was the aim. Destroying these criminals whereabouts; tunnels, institutions, enterprises, corporations, constitutions, connections, gangs, mafia, pedophiles; children murderers; cities, and hideouts, saying the least, was the aim!

Do this sound like something you can relate to for much too long? You bet!

Now, the good news are, or should we say, the confusing news? Is that since all these world leaders,+ politicians are ALL gone,= dead by any means, and not to scare the public, an entire generation of actors needed be hire as to deceive the people, not with bad intentions of course. It has been done in order to avoid confrontations that would stop the real confrontation behind the scenes, as that of destroying the enemy.

Meaning, and we are going giving you an example as in the United States. The alleged White House is Not what it used to be; Washington DC is not what it used being. Let me see.. how do I say it? Oh, the White House is most likely being used as an execution site- sort of like a Gitmo situation, where our arms forces are taking care of handling, and where they have an actor as a fake president, etc., etc.

Well, be not surprise because military was the only way. But be not surprise if we tell you also that the capital of the United States might well be in another State. And I am not telling you as of this moment. Maybe later. Anyways, our government it will never be as it used being. Of all those people that it needed to run our government, maybe all we need now, is the most fifteen people. And guess what? Maybe those fifteen people are all working voluntarily. Surprise? And guess what? The same thing is taking place worldwide!

Listen, this is just the tip of the iceberg. For now all you need to think is, that perhaps the power has been giving back to the people. Well, if you thought this, you are correct. Maybe you should be doing some voluntarily government work when the opportunity knocks on your door.

We know this is too much grasping, but at least be at peace for now, because no one is coming invading our country, stealing our children, and all our possessions. If someone try doing this, is their fate with death.

Further, much more is coming, as we all would be debt free! And economically free. And as the coronation of King pedophile, Charles is concern, It is all a façade! The entire Royal Family has been gone since 2018.

You do not have to believe anything I am saying here. Do your own due diligence, it is your own responsibility. But regardless, all would be reveal to you in a more analytical manner very soon.

And if you can handle it, we do have a Real Royal Queen that works for the people. And that Royal Queen do works with all the arms forces of each country+ and theirs respective representative, that it may be call a president. And the entire financial system is handle by benevolent entities,+ and through the Queen! This means that no one is going to f**k around with the New Financial System.

Now, where is that Royal Queen?

Enough said.

Keep on learning. Be brave. Have courage. Be in bliss. Be you!

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