The actor and the patsy…?








The actor is the one they are trying at court [ with red shirt}, the one that need NOT to appears at court any longer because they know we know about their GAME, and their terrorists activities cover up, and with paid for hire actors. KEEP an eye on their GAME.


These are their paid for hire actors… Familiar? Actually these actors can be try for crimes of inciting violence, and the murdering of innocents, if there were any real deaths.

This is the least the Deep State talmudic demons: foreign agents that infested the public school system, health care system, and others can do for our younger people; the ones that teach them sexual immorality [de-generation: dishonoring: destroying nature all ways always], and facilitate giving them drugs from the day they are born such as vaccinations: prescriptions drugs: streets drugs: alcohol: damaging technologies, = mocking them, using them for {a } purpose, destroying them, and ridicule them for what they become: ignorant, brainwashed young traitors that do not know any better. Isn’t not?

The fact of the matter are that these demons use both tactics, fake and reality in order to confuse us: suck up our energy, and then we are docile to: for deciphering any thing… The fact is that these demons should never be allow close to our schools: to our children. Children are their livelihood; their survival, and this is why they kill them. And surprisingly, all teachers are part of them. The teachers association is a satanic cult: part of the terrorists enterprise.

IS these making sense to you?

The fucking police are criminals that work for criminals only: they are Not our public servants. They are demons in human form that are destroying our people. THEY are as well, well trained thieves, which come to think, this is why they set up Cruz, the suspected killer because they found out his deceased mother left him one million dollars inheritance. A lot of money for Scott Israel and his team like the corporal judges ( bank agents), and attorneys to have a feast…


How Despicable it is that they imagined we the people could never figured this out. And how dead wrong they are, we are going to disarm ourselves due to their despicable violence activities [ covert and overt terrorism enterprise], and the false narratives from the propagandists demons liars whores call journalists from the media that they own like CNN, etc., etc., inclusive for every mayor news paper for each city within our country.

We the people know better

It is self evident that we be with arms of protection even more against these criminals: foreign agents that go on disguising as our government representatives, as are the police mobs throughout our country, and criminal like Scott Israel [ a professional ass kisser that ignored twenty calls from the Parkland school before the shooting], and his accomplices throughout the State of Florida.

DESTROY YOU. We the people, and together with our military command hunting you to death for the crimes committed to our children, to our people, and the existence.  [ . ].

Together we the American people overcome the evil infestation, and tyranny, and our children would be warriors of light for all the existence.

OUR American Government is an Agency with subdivisions thereof, = Navy and military forces instituted and paid: maintain by the American people for representing us national and international: protect us with our military might from domestic, and foreign bad actors: and do our paper work, among many.

The 2n Amendment whether is valid  or NOT, and we say this because there are many other laws that apply to our agency call government that apply for their limitations, = do not infringe the American people lives, = do not violate, do not invade, because if you do, you will be held liable, accountable, and responsible for your own actions.  [ . ].

No exceptions

We the people govern ourselves: we are the govern

It is self evident that we as a people are also liable, accountable, and responsible for our own Being and Doing , even for our very own thoughts here and beyond.


NOTE: use an arm of defense only to defend yourself and your family if your life, and their lives are in danger. KNOW your enemy: use discernment: use love: use courage.

Intel Report Video:

2 : Expose them for what they are…

Also navigate: =this article

> For all those that concern…


~ the people


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