FOR all those that concern:

Before considering arming the teachers within the classrooms of public schools, ATA must dismantle. ATA stands for American Teachers Association, an association being part of the covert and overt terrorism enterprise that is targeting: destroying our youth: our children: our people, and of which the police mobs within our communities are part of it. AND that unfortunately is being manage by the Talmud demons, = THE STATE that have no regards for our American people: humanity.

AND which is why teachers are abusing our children in schools, as well in churches. Now not all teachers are part of this, even if they are ATA members, as these demons are specific of the teachers they want engage in sexual immorality for example. However, all teachers are indirectly, and directly brainwashing our children with false teachings. AND sadly, any smart kid: intelligent children have more common sense knowledge than all these brainwashed teachers that get their script from the criminal mafia to teach them garbage that ultimately would lead them to disgrace: degeneration from all their potentials that they are born with.

We the people command: demand that these traitors: demons as are the police, and teachers alike be away from our school system, and our children. The police under any law written are law protectors: law enforcer, to the contrary, they are murderers, order takers whores that follow orders from criminals alike, and under any circumstances are working to defend the American people. The facts are, the police is “our enemy” and the American people must come to this knowing sooner than later.

DESTROY THE STATE, the corporate [that is for a fact buried] entity that all criminals, inclusive of the former BAR: Jewish-cons are part of. The criminals that have destroyed our Organic Republic. The criminals that time come to pass. ~ – = FOR military action.

ATA must dismantle as soon as possible, and public education should be in the hands of the community, and parents: and where moral values stands, inclusive of carrying guns to use only in case imminent violence: predators threaten our lives, and those that we care for.

And we quote:

Guns do not kill people, people do.

The only solution for guns problems is more guns.

AND remember that we are all liable, accountable, and responsible for our own actions, no exceptions.








The American people are commanding the immediate arrests: taking down within the State of Florida for the following entities that are committing atrocious crimes against our people: our children, inclusive that of mortgage fraud, and jailing for profit:

Rick Scott, governor, Debbie Wasserman, Sherriff Scoot Israel, Nezar Hamze, deputy sheriff, County Clerk, Brenda Forman, former county clerk, Howard Forman, Judge Jack Tuter, Judge Kathleen Pugh, Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips, judge Phoebee Francois, judge Andrews L Siegel, judge Robert W Lee, judge Mark A Speiser, judge Hope Tieman Bristol, Judge Joel Lazarus, judge Martin Fein, judge Marina Garcia Wood: Kim Picazio, attorney

THIS list is bound updating

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~ the people




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