May the door kick your rear end on the way out


Queen Elizabeth to Abdicate Her Throne

‘One is making the necessary preparations to abandon ship,’ Her Majesty said. ‘A violent storm is coming, the likes of which Britain has never seen.‘
Her Majesty was speaking to her advisors while taking on the Parliament Robe of State and Imperial State Crown in the Robing Chamber, however she was already wearing a microphone and her comments were heard by the whole gallery.
‘She seemed angry that she had to remain neutral in her speech. She said there is solid intelligence from military top brass that if we don’t Brexit there is an inevitable World War 3 scenario that will play out,’ the insider said.

~John Prescott

Not to be disrespecful but we are almost certain she will take with her on her sinking ship all her delegated minions across the world, as well as her intimate friends that are sitting on their thrones shown below:







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