Mathematical Formula Of Christ Consciousness




Christ Consciousness is the Mind of God that sees everything before it is breathed into existence at this level.

Christ Consciousness is the mathematical code which is continuously creating the Divine Blue Print of the perfect image and likeness or mirror image of the entire Mind of God or Omnipotent Divine Consciousness. That divine blue print is a 12 dimensional code containing within it the Divine Manifestations of the Eternal Life, Continuous Omnipresent Love that continuously spins the electromagnetic frequencies of 331/3 electro clockwise and 112/3 magnetic counterclockwise within the sphere of clockwise rotation. That frequency Radiates into the at oneness with a parallel field of electromagnetic frequencies spinning the same way, but in a parallel anti particle reality field. Each of the particle and anti particle reality fields spin 45 degrees to equal 90 degrees in a vertical reality field. Another set of mathematical radiation particles spin together to create the horizontal reality field. Together they create 180 degree field of reality. That field of reality is then broken down into faster moving fields of diagonal spinning fields of electromagnetic particles creating radiation fields of plasma, gamma, x ray, invisible light, visible light, infra red and hertzian light energy into a sphere of light 360 degrees.

Everything in Divine Consciousness Creativity is made of spheres of light that spin at this perfect ratio to create layers of 45 degree angles of rotation. The creation energy is always radiation energy. We must be radiating this high frequency energy at the fastest rate of spin in the 12 dimensional radiation level to maintain our complete reality in the Christ Coded blue print. Simultaneously that 12 dimensional divine blue print can express itself in parallel reality fields that manifest as 5 dimensional and 6 dimensional realities. These would contain the 12 sub harmonics of the Christ Consciousness mathematical formula in each of the 5 DNA strands or 6 DNA strands. The reality would appear different because it would be less dense or more dense. There is no density in the 12 DNA reality field. It is completely etheric in nature. However, that etheric reality is always a part of everything even if it only has 3DNA or 4 DNA. The perfect mathematical principle of all creation is always the 12 DNA coded divine blue print.

IN reality that Divine Blue Print of Christ Consciousness has Always Existed, Does Exist and Always will Exist in every human angelic being and every star seed on Earth. The reason that this reality doesn’t seem to appear to us when we look at people and situations is because there was a Miasm placed between the vortexes where the light energy and frequencies created by the spin ratio of the 331/3 and 11 2/3 merkaba spin rate within the particle and anti particle universe. The problem was actually placed in the anti particle universe that was parallel to ours so that we could never align correctly into the harmony of that blended rate of spin that would create the 90 degree and 180 degree and perfect 360 degree spheres of light and sound that are NORMAL to any God Made reality field.

Those Miasms are frozen Light Energy that is unable to spin and move and freely manifest. Those miasms can be melted out of the old frozen DNA that is creating the illusion of this Frozen Density of Consciousness. Our Guardian Races have placed our original Divine Blue Print into our 12 DNA strands already. That gift has already been established on Earth.


The Star Seeds that were born on Earth over the past 12 years all had much to do with this realignment. The children born during the past five years brought the completed 5DNA-12DNA back to Earth. That reality was presented to the Earth once before about 2000 years ago when the 12th Level Avatar and the 9th Level Avatar, that our Bible Stories call Jesus Christ was brought to Earth by Guardian Groups.

This time the Guardians brought in 144,000 times more Christ Consciousness to Earth through the frequencies of the Star seeds. The Earth required a certain level of Frequencies in order to make its shift into the new Metagalactic 8 alignment with the past present and future 12 DNA coded reality system.

These 12 coded frequencies contain the divine blue print of the Eternal Life, Love, Mind, Principle, Substance, Intelligence, Supply, Truth, Soul, Spirit, Man, Manifestation Template, Design that is contained within the Music of the Spheres Light and Sound Technology.

Mary Baker Eddy explained this same Divine Formula of Creation of Man made in the Image and Likeness of God, and clearly stated that they only thing that is separating man from that likeness is Error. She said when error is removed the Christ Consciousness will appear. Eddy also spoke of the synonyms of God being Life, Truth, Love, etc (listed above already). She always painted the picture of the mortal and immortal man and how there really couldn’t be a mortal man, because that man wasn’t made by God. She always said the real man is immortal and that seeming mortal man was only created by error. When I read the Voyagers 11 Book by Ashayana Deane, in which our Guardian Races – the same ones who designed the Law of One, were members of the Essenes and creators of the Silicate Matrix and 12 DNA template of the human angelic.

“Furthermore, the time cometh of which Jesus spoke, when he declared that in the resurrection there should be no more marrying nor giving in marriage, but man would be as the angels. Then white robed purity will unite in one person masculine wisdom and feminine love, spiritual understanding and perpetual peace.”(Eddy, S&H pp64)

This was always my favorite passage in the S&H, since I was ten years old. I always felt and knew within myself that this reality would happen in my lifetime. Now I know it will happen within the next ten years.

This is the time when Seventh Level Man will reappear as we rise into harmonic universe 2- dimensions 4,5,6. We are already in harmonic universe 2. We must now raise our frequencies in consciousness and attune into the reality that already exists within the heart of Earth and the reality of the past, present and future 12 DNA divine blue print which has not been damaged by frozen light.

The Guardians have explained the Seventh Level Man who used to live in Tara to be this man who MBE spoke of. We are going through the resurrection when we will be robed in the white light purity of the pure atunement as we rebirth into the 5th dimension through the 12 the dimensional consciousness. This will happen in 2017, and we will prepare for this reality between 2013 and 2017. We have entered the resurrection leading to that reality. Eddy always spoke of how important it was to Understand this Divine Science, which I believe is the precursor to the Keylontic Science that was brought to earth early in the twenty first century. That truth that MBE tuned into during her Near Death Experience is the same truth that many are tuning into at this present time in history through the Maharaja Consciousness Templates that come to us through our Frequency Specific Mid Brain when we tune into the Future Self, as is done in a Near Death Experience.

That reality of the Seventh Level Man has always existed. We were just taken off line from that reality when our light was frozen in Miasms or Error, blocking our true reality. We are now entering the Mass Ascension of Man, which Jesus called the resurrection, in which “there should be no more marrying nor giving in marriage, but man would be as the angels. Then white robed purity will unite in one person masculine wisdom and feminine love, spiritual understanding and perpetual peace.”sh64

We now know through Keylontic Science (the Language of the Stars) that error is Frozen Light. We now know what the mathematical formula of Christ Consciousness is. We now know how we were blocked from our Divine Blue Print through reverse spin technologies. We now know that we are made from the radiation technologies of light and sound that can project us in millions of different density levels. MB Eddy also spoke of a time when man would no longer be given in marriage and child birth would no longer exist.

Eddy was speaking of the reality we used to live in when Seventh Level man lived on Tara and Gaia. This was the time when a child could be manifested from the light of the Consciousness or the manifestation template that each immortal man actually has in reality. The true immortal man has always been able to instantly manifest anything, including children. That act can be performed by an individual, a couple or a group consciousness to create an entity who carries many unique traits in the reality of the NORMAL kingdom that we will soon return to.

The act of creation is always performed instantly in Divine Mind through the perfect 12 DNA template of the immortal man who has eternal life, never dies, never gets sick, has infinite intelligence, etc. All of the things Eddy talked about in her Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures are also mentioned by the Guardians in the new Keylontic Science and Kathara Healing Technologies.

The difference was that the teachings came in the frequencies that man was able to understand at the time. These two sets of teachings have something in common with the teachings of the original 12th Level Avatar Jesus. They are exactly the same teachings, and the audience and students of the teachings are very small, because only those with the genetic coding of the star seeds and some human angelics are able to comprehend these teachings.


We always have been and always will be made of this divine technology of Eternal Life. When we were created by the Christ Code Pre Sound and Light Technology, we contained the ability to Live Forever, to Create our own Galaxies, to Manifest Instantly our Hearts desires. That is the reality. That is the reality we must tune into as the only reality that exists in the past, present and future.

If we continue to tune in to the lower frequencies that were distorted realities caused by the frozen light (miasm or error), we will continue to manifest that reality that locked us into the continuous 3D illusion of reality where we could only see, feel, touch, hear, taste a series of events that were planted into our DNA by Entities who only wanted to freeze us out of our Reality.

That (frozen light Error or Miasm) was how they created the Phantom Matrix and how they planned to lock us into it. That probability no longer exists. We must align our consciousness to the new reality which is the old reality of the ETERNAL LIFE Blue Print. That 12 DNA divine blue print is the only creation that God knows how to make. That reality is made through the pre light and sound fields of Khristiac Technology containing the 12 coded divine blue print. We always were made, always are made and always will be made by that divine blue print which is perfect and eternal. We must realign our DNA templates to the sub harmonics of the 12 DNA template and begin to know that is the only reality that we have ever been and ever will be made a part of.

It is the knowing and the feeling of the frequencies of the 12 sub harmonics that has been blocked from our world view. We were made to believe that only 5 senses contain reality. When actually those 5 senses were only for us to enjoy the reality that we create through our Higher Sensory Perception of our 12 dimensional self who knows and feels and creates through the imagination. That is the reality that we have been forced out of by world propaganda beginning with parents telling their children that their imagination isn’t real. That propaganda is a part of the Frozen Light imprinted into our DNA.

We have been set free from this prison. We were given the reality of our 12 DNA and its codes. That reality was planted in the Heart of the Earth and it will flow through the grids of the Earth. It is still up to us to Tune into the Frequencies and spin rate of that reality, especially by creating in Consciousness everyday the reality that we have always been, always are.




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