LGBTQ Parade Month= Degenerated Society that Need Be Restore

safe_image.phpLGBTQ Pride Month: Pride Parade should be the Sin Parade Month, and or the Degenerated human Parade Month, or better yet, the Septic Roach love Parade Month. Or how about the Dishonoring of our Creator, and Nature Parade Month?

Let us all pray to our Creator matter not in what language, so he  pours compassion+ and light to our degenerated society that have lost the way, so that there be restoration for themselves, and nature. So be it! ~LFabre

Lyrics for first video below:

“Who is the ONE?
Who is the most merciful?
Who is the King?
Who is the most praised and benevolent?
What ever you see in this world is his sign
He’s the love of every soul
My lord is enough for me, Glory be to God
There is nothing in my heart but God
The light of Muhammed, God’s peace, and blessings be upon him
There is none of worship but God
He is the forgiver of all sins
He is the king of the Universe
He is the refuge of all hearts
Oh God hears my sorrows and my sights
Have mercy and pardon my sins
Bless my nights and days
My lord is enough for me, Glory be to God
Glory to our Creator “

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