Learn the Real Truth About the Issues Confronting Venezuela








Watch these two fascinating videos for the more you know about Venezuela:

Viva Venezuela. Viva Maduro and the courageous people from Venezuela. We also like to send a message to Marco Rubio from Florida, Miami specifically= you are not a representative for the Venezuelan people or the Venezuelan government. Stop the warmongering satanist neocons kiss ass from Israel. Mind your own people within your district that you have done nothing except defraud them+ sell them to foreign government. Useless fuckwit corporate traitor, you should be charge with conspiring to throw a legitimate government from another country.  Ignoramus be gone.










Know the facts:

Below is just one example of many where people like this guy expose the lies. There it is also another guy that goes from province to province doing the same thing, and nothing like they are showing on television is true! Do your own research!

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It is all About the Benjamins: Israel and its Demons worldwide


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