Labor Slaves Day: What?










And we quote:

Our labor is not for tampering with. 

Siphoning, or harvesting [ALL] the people’s own energy all ways always is the highest crime in the universe punishable with death. It is call crime of treason. Treason comes from the word Trust. 

Treason is what the baking cartels+ all government agencies employees have committed against the American people+ the rest of humanity. We the people command not being slaves of our own labor. This should be voluntary= something that we all enjoy doing for the betterment for all.

Our people= each individually ought being able managing our own financial trusts accounts [directly] from the central universal zero point unit= treasury that have registered our unlimited. unfetter accounts from the day that we are born. We need no interloper. 

We should never, ever labor to death for meeting our own daily needs. No one, but no one within our country+ anywhere on this planet should be going hungry+ homeless because some fuckwits decided stealing what so rightfully belongs for us= our own energy: our own value= a form of exchange.

Sending tons of love for all our American people that are the most courageous slaves people in the world= working 9-5 to feed our families without remorse. Without ever thinking that we, the labor force is the human resource for all intellectuals whores enriching themselves. How could this ever crossed our minds when we are living our lives drained from the little energy we have left for thriving.

However, the time for ending slavery is very, very near. Be optimistic. Go, start getting ready your dancing shoes!

Always, all ways keep in mind that we the people are the power that be. We are the [gold] all intellectuals whores+ vampires demons have been fighting for. However, little do they know, we fucking woke up on time, + killing the top Vampire+ commanding terminating the insanity worldwide+ all together being responsible+ liable+ accountable for own actions, as well as together securing our planet+ all livings from invasion+ violation+ subjugation+ from harm+ from extinction.

Let freedom ring. ring. ring!    

:Joying the peace train that is coming around the corner! this posting


~ the people


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